Monday, July 2, 2007

Yellow Coverage Fellow (YCF) journey

As promise, I'll give you guys a report on my journey.. Sorry for long delay..
The journey was tiring but exciting..

I gained a lot of experiences from becoming this Yellow Coverage Fellow.. Learn what people are thinking about a mascot.. Learn what people want and need.. Learn what people will do when they tried to compete against each other..

I believe there are different type of human nature we can see obviously, however, there are some that is definitely bonded together with us sicne we are borned..

Let's say something that you would agree.. Where on earth will people reject free things without losing anything? When distributing stuffs in that suit, some people stared at us and wonder if they should take it or otherwise they will have to buy this and that.. However, when we told them we give it for free without charging anything or without asking them to purchase anything then they take it..

Another obvious time would be when you should "FREE GIFT!! FREE GIFT!!" , I am sure that you'll at least attract some people to your place. Something came into my thought.. What if we should free gift to get phone numbers from people? They only have to give us their phone number and we'll give them a valuable item.. will that work as well??

Well, YCF journey is not just about thought of course! There's a lot of fun things.. I was able to meet people who I might be impossible to meet as close as like 1 foot far like the celebrities..

I was glad that I was able to snap some pictures together with our Malaysian Artiste.. Besides, I was "found" in the Media Hiburan magazine in one of the edition as well which I had attended for the Digi Superstar event..

Well, that's just like "menumpang glamor" only.. Of course, another great thing of becoming YCF is that you are able to travel all around for free.. I went to Malacca, Johor and some other places to become the YCF.. It sounded fun but it's really tiring..

Travelling was fun.. but the exciting thing was taking pictures.. You can't imagine how much people would want to take picture with you as a YCF.. You felt like "1 minute fame" star when you got suit on..

Well, that's not all.. Wearing that suit makes you think cute.. think funny.. When I wore it.. I took a lot of pictures with funny pose.. Even to think about it now.. I felt I was so daring to do such things..

Ofcouse, I had learn the YCF dance.. It's nothing.. but it meant a lot when you are able to perform it on stage with more than two thousands eyes looking at you dancing..

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