Monday, August 4, 2008

Ocean of HUMANS!!

I went to PC fair yesterday and it's packed with people.. I guess they should call it "Humans fair" instead of "PC fair".. There are more humans than the PC sold/exhibited there..

Well, I guess it's not much a PC fair already.. We can even see "POST-IT" (the one which you can stick your paper on anywhere one le..) to have their own booth there.. and I don't know how to relate it with PC though..


Just before entering, I'd to struggle myself in the ocean of humans..

What's worst is when you start smelling some awful smell around you when people start perspiring.. No offence but when you try to squeeze yourself in there, you will, too, smell like a fish!!

More Humans!!!

From Hall 4 to Hall 5 (If I did not remember it wrongly), the path is freaking CROWDED!! People moving back and forth (though I thought it's only one-way walk)..

Imagine you move only a inch when you walk while some others are pushing you from the back and from the front..


This is where I had to struggle myself in the OCEAN!!



RealGunners said...

that's y i don't go to PC Fairs anymore since a few years ago..

Jojo said...

i thought was people mountain, people sea

Harry said...

realgunners: i see i see.. but sometimes u got the fun of it LOLz..

jojo: if in mandarin, yeah!! haha..

galisin88 said...

so...................did you bought something from PC fair or you're just a visitor there......

Harry said...

i bought quite a few items there.. hehe..