Friday, July 20, 2007

Digi Celebriteen journey continues..

FU-YOH!! Exactly! That's how I felt when I did the Digi celebriteen here in Kuching, my hometown..

Before we actually start the audition and everything, we did the promo all around the school in the city of Kuching. We distribute flyers, talked to schools' principals, briefed to the students and drove here and there. It's tiring but it's fun! Not to mention, some of the principals were funny. They sounded like a doctor and felt like they were giving us the prescription soon after we brief to them. However, there were a number of them we discouraged their student to participate the competition.

To what I am thinking, this singing competition is actually good to the students as Digi is giving out more than RM15,000 as scholarship fund to the student who manage to get the throne as the champion for Digi Celebriteen 2007. I wonder why principal discouraged it. It's students' choice to sing or not to sing but it's not principals' decision to do so. We had to gone through the principal in order to seek permission to let their students know about the competition only. Ofcourse there were supportive school as well. The teachers were in pleasure to help us inform their students about the singing competition.

Although the number of peoples who went for the auditions were not encouraging but the talented peoples were a lot. It's definitely hard to pick people from Kuching to be in the finalist. Almost everyone knows how to sing in the audition but the judges would only choose the special ones among the crowd..

I had two of my schoolmates as my colleague and few more are colleagues from West Malaysia. It happened to be that not many went for the audition at Cosmopoint therefore we were too free till we were able to catch picture as below.

And again, I took picture with Baki and Juliana again (you'll know who they were if you read previous post). They were fantastic TV host and crew.. Working together with them was my pleasure indeed.

After selecting the finalist, they'd been through some trainings sessions which I had my day off during the training sessions. The finalists were quite friendly and some of them were really talkative (not a bad sign though). I went to Lion Nursing Home together with them to do the charity visit. I was as one of the drivers to bring them there. The visiting was so-so as I think the elders didnt get entertained much. I guess going to such place should at least have some interaction with the elders.

During the reharsal, the finalist didnt perform quite well. I think they were just too nervous. However they performed perfectly on the stage during the actual competition.

During the competition, we had the roadshow as well.. I was busy doing the Fu-Yoh activation promo. I felt like I was a salesman when I actually begged people to change their call plan to Fu-Yoh call plan and gave them free gifts.

I did enjoy my work as I get to see a lot of peoples and a lot of my friends that day. The singing competition was tough. Everyone was very very GOOD! Y'all Kuching Citizenz, we ROCK!

The champion who sang "Hui Jia" by Shunza were really good. We had all expected her to win.

This is me with the 1st Runner up Jun Cheah (my friend as well).

Well, that's that.. It's time for me to get back to my studies.. I guess I have to stop working for this temporary..

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