Thursday, August 28, 2008

Surprises in Jakarta Restaurant

There are a lot of wonders all around the world that we had not navigate yet.. Once we started to navigate them, we tempt to get more and more surprises..

So what's so surprising when I go the restaurant at Jakarta during my this iTalentStar free acommodation trip, and eat, and the after effect?

See this!


Pempek (Fish Cake) for Rp. 10,000 each

It's not so surprising if you convert the currency to Ringgit Malaysia which is around RM6-7.. But imagine, I just reached the place and this was the first place that I ate with my girlfriend and my auntie while waiting for my parent them to reach later..

Rp.20,000 itself is scary enough.. and we ordered drinks together.. and sum up Rp. 51,500.. Whoa.. Giler.. One meal could cost you your fortune if it's that expensive here in Malaysia..

Leaving the price aside.. This is the real thing that caught my attention and my jaw drop when I saw this..


The drink list in one of the restaurant there.. GILER.. you know how big and how heavy it was?! Well, my girlfriend argued with me that it's about 60cm and I said it's almost 80cm-1metre.. Just make it it's around 60-80cm..

The length itself is enough stunning.. the weight?! Imagine it's all plastic made.. You can even kill someone by spanking them using this menu list..

WHOA! That's not all..


Rp506,000 for one family meal at Restaurant Garuda which is famous for their spicy food and "nasi padang" there..

SIAO ah!! Who would want to eat that expensive meal here in Malaysia ah?! Giler..

Look at the Tax.. It's Rp 46,000.. Whoa.. The government there sure reach.. One meal can earn them so much just by taxing..

But the food there still quite nice la.. Thanx to my girlfriend for bringing my family there to eat.. If you convert it to RM by dividing it by 3.. It's RM160 to RM170.. It's still expensive, but they are one of the famous restaurant there..  So.. Can't help..

Hope you are not as suprised as me when you go Indonesia to just have a light meal..


Ben said...

Very rich ma. Can show off your wealth if your remove the RP and changed it to RM. =)

Harry said...

lolx.. if can change directly..

This is .... said...

you went to expensive restaurant la.. if not, you have to pay not that much..