Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ice Skating @ Jakarta

As of the previous post, I promised to show something about my Ice Skating journey at Sky Rink @ Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta..

It's a terrible experience but a fun one!! And enjoyed the lovely time skating on the ice with my girlfriend.. sounded romantic heh?!


See the SUCKY fugly Gloves on my hands?! Well, actually, when I went playing there, I didn't wear any glove at all.. After I had a big fall on the icy floor (where my butt asked for help), I went to buy the gloves for RP7000 or RP15000

It's been a long time since I last play something similar to this.. I played rollerblades back then since I was 8 or 9 years old.. Whoaa! How nostalgic.. Due to long term of not practicing to balance.. I started to learn how to balance on the ice skating shoes for first half hours..

ice skate fall

You must be wondering how come I fell on my butt I have to buy the gloves.. Well, the answer is.. I SCRATCHED my palm on the ice when I fell.. It's a normal reaction for human to defence themselves and to balance themselves using their hand when they fall or being hit.. I am NOT EXCEPTION!!

It's tougher than you think it is.. When many people skated here and there, the ice became rough and sharp which explained how I got the scratch from it.. It's similar to sitting in the car on bumpy road..

It's not really hard to do Ice Skating though.. All you have to do is to balance yourself which I am weak at it.. I am just not SO good in balancing stuff.. I can't play aiming games (now.. dont think wrongly..), bowlings, snookers and all those need more balancing than just strategy.. Without the base of balancing, I would tell you to GIVE UP on ICE SKATING!!

Didn't take much picture, we were not allowed to take picture inside one, but we still took the picture regardless what they say.. Rules are meant to be broken anyway..


I know it's not a good pose.. To be frank, I did not pose for this.. I was just complaining my brother for taking so long to snap the picture when the guard were looking at us.. and he snapped when I complaint!! WTH?!


Look at his monkey pose there.. Yeapz.. That's my brother.. He's too excited for this ice skating stuff.. but thanks to him, I was able to skate on the ice for the first time too..


Don't know why he so serious in this picture though.. We were so exhausted for skating there for just ONE hour.. I guess, I need to do more exercise for now..

I am looking forward to skate at Sunway Pyramid anytime in the future.. Anyone interested of tagging along?!


Sisca Iskandar said...

HI! Long time didnt contact u. How are u?

Kenapa datang jakarta gak bilang bilang? Wahh. You have girlfriend already! And meet her parent too. so nice!

Look forward for ur next post. will come to look if have time! :)

Harry said...

elo sisca.. sorry ya.. too busy..

schedule kinda pack also.. so didnt let u know that i went there..

:) keep checking..

-waiseng- said...

I was in Jakarta too. But I didnt know there was a Ice Skating Rink. HAHA. Jakarta is HUGE! I was staying in Central Jakarta.