Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fell into the Internet Hell Pit

Argh.. Life without Internet really makes me suffers..

I got so much things to do in the Internet such as Blogging, Hosting "LIVE" On-Air at iStream Radio, chit-chatting, download anime, socializing and so on..

After moving to the new place to stay, I have to suffer from not having the Internet.. Imagine how desperate I am to go online when I have to drive all the way to Old Town Kopitiam to get a connection there..

I went to TMpoint today and check for my subscribing status.. They told me that they'll give us a call within 2-3working days.. We'll see what happen after that.. I never believe the "within 2-3 working days" stuffs.. It always takes a lot of delays.. Malaysians (including me) are not that efficient after all.. When you asked people to go for a gathering, be sure to ask them come 30minutes before the real time.. I guess when you said 7pm gathering, they'll come at 7.30pm..

So when you say 7.00pm, be sure don't forget to say Malaysian's time..

Well, sorry for unable to update my blog that frequent now.. I'll try to write as many posts as possible using Windows Live Writer and only update it when I got Internet Connection..

Again.. Life without Internet is just like FALLING into the Hell Pit..


TNH said...

Agree..really can't stand the life without internet..now although i have internet to use but the line is shared by 11 people..very slow..hardly blog too

Harry said...

exactly.. whoa.. shared by 11people is like.. :s

i cant imagine that..

super slow for that..

sigh.. i need internet!!

Falcon said...

w/o internet...ouch...

`nAzri said...

No Porn?

Harry said...

falcon: yeapz.. OUCH!!

Nazri: sorry to disappoint u .. but no porn.. lolz..

RealGunners said...

for me, actually it depends..

when i go camping, i totally won't miss my internet, but other than that... yeah w/o internet totally sucks...

galisin88 said...

heya harry,
life w/o internet is like withdrawal syndrome..........but have all the faith....you will get your internet very soon but you must and must be persistent in asking them abt ur subscription status even if you have to constantly bug them.

If you don't want to wait......why don't you check out the P1 Wimax.You don't have to use the phone line for that(doi, macamlah sia promote pula).do checklah their website @ www.p1w1max.com and find out if you are in their coverage.

other than that,have faith and pray for that internet.

Tim G.

Harry said...

realgunners: u got the point.. but yeah.. now i am at home so like dat lor..

galisin : thx for the advise.. i dont think my area is covered by wimax yet..