Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jing-le Bell is coming to LimKokWing

Whoa.. Guess who I met at LimKokWing last Wednesday?!


Aw.. I know my face look a bit weird.. perhaps.. this is due to the way I stand.. I have to lower down my body a bit to take this picture.. Sorry ya, Jing.. No other meaning..

Yeapz, I met Jing! Sin Hui Jing to be exact..

If you had been wondering how I know this fpretty lady, we met each other since DigiCelebriteen and iTalentStar.. Ofcourse, from Digi Celebriteen, she knew me as a Yellow Coverage Fellow (Ya.. That Digi Man or that Yellow Man which you always call) and only knew the real me at iTalentStar..

Well, we were both Malaysia Country Champion in iTalentStar and we'd been discussing stuffs together to help each other.. she's really good in pictures and stuffs..

For those who drools in the first picture on me Hui Jing.. Here's some eye candies for you from her blog..


For more pictures.. go to her blog la..

Contrary to her, let's see what had this Harry achieved..


I am just a drunk ass.. *hiccup*

P/S: Now still at Genting.. will post more about my adventures..


Chris Thoo said... look horny after meeting up with jing...
you hairy pervert...=.=

Harry said...

WTF?! that was a quick shot la.. no time to post.. havent have time to pose then her friend snapped liao.. lolz.. WTH.. horny.. -.-"

Acey Tang said...

I think I have the same specs as you (home specs)... do a close up let me confirm hahahaha

Harry said...

will do.. when i am free :P