Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things we learn from ants

All this while, ants appear to be very tiny in our world.. But what's in their world, we won't know.. We saw how animation had portray their lives like what we saw at "AntZ" and "The bug's life", and how discovery told us about their life..


Such a tiny life.. We often think that they are very irritating and disturbing.. Especially you saw your lovely foods being owned by them.. But what can we actually learn from them?!

They march in a troop.. They in a troop.. They are loyal to the queen.. and Most importantly, they are very co-operative.. Team work is what I should say.. Why human can't be as much co-operative as they do huh?! I wonder.. Hmm..


Picture above was taken by me few days back.. I almost stepped on them when they were busy doing their work.. Carrying the midget..

Ya.. I know.. Some of you may say they looked disgusting..

But why wouldn't I stop them?!

Simple reason is.. I hate the creature they were carrying..


The rubbish bin worm.. That's the midget that I'd mentioned.. I just let them to the work.. cleaning all those rubbish bin worm for us..

Don't even start how these worms were on the floor.. I wouldn't want to imagine it..

Oh.. One proud thing about this picture.. I am so glad my phone N82 can take such a nice macro mode of picture... Looks clear enough to see the ants and the worm..


Yi Ling said...

grats that your phone can take good and clear photos. but no grats on the ants. gross -.- LOL.

Rynnnn said...

Ants are cute ;p

Harry said...

Yi Ling: haha.. thanx for the phone.. i still think that the worm more gross la..

Rynnn: yeapz.. they look just like u.. =.='