Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things that we can do when we are bored

NOTE: This is a scheduled post as I am not around currently.. Click here to find out why.. Therefore, the post may contain lots of photo and less words.. I'll be back soon..

Often, we felt bored when we are having too much stress from the class.. And I received this funny mail from my friend which made my day while I was having the stress..

In fact, I admire what they can do.. CREATIVE is the word..

Enjoy the pictures..

A Live Fighting Arcade?!

A human slow motion head bang?!

Man on the wall?! Cool heh?!

Ok.. I challenge you to do this!! Hahaz..

There's so much "creative" things we can do.. Send me what you have for your creative things you did..


ahmike said...

lol funny stuff must share. Thanks ya.

Harry said...

ahmike: yea.. lolz!!