Monday, December 1, 2008

Rynn Lim Promo Tour @ Kuching

Last Saturday (29/11/2008), I received a SMS from Jimmy telling him to meet him up to get the entrance ticket for Rynn Lim aka 林宇中 (Lin Yu Zhong)'s Promo Tour at Kuching which I had "acted quickly" to send the email as requested.. Ticket giveaway detail can be found here..

In the SMS, Jimmy told me to meet him up at "Kado Cafe" to redeem the ticket from 3.30pm to 5pm, but unfortunately, I couldn't make it within that time as I had personal thing to do with my cousins.. Luckily, Jimmy, the good person, allowed me to redeem my ticket after 5pm as I told him I will only be free from 5++PM onwards..


And so, after redeeming my ticket, I went off straight away to get myself prepare for a house warming at my relative's place.. I will get that update soon.. either tomorrow or day after..


There.. With this ticket, I went to Rynn Lim's Promo Tour which was located at "SUPP HQ" in Kuching yesterday.. Looking at the location, I thought it will be quite a small place to hold the Promo Tour there as I had always thought the Hall is kinda small.. Well, it wasn't.. it's not really small but it ain't really big as well.. Just nice for a Promo Tour, I think..


Whoa.. When I first reached there at about 6++pm, it was already packed with people.. Sea of people.. That path is quite small and HOT but Rynn Lim's fans still waited patiently in front of the main door to get the best seat to see Rynn Lim..


While the fans are busy squeezing pok mong-ing queuing, chatting, and sweating, the staffs also had to sweat themselves among the crowds to promote Rynn Lim and JJ Lin aka Lin Jun Jie albums.. The prices they sold there are cheaper compared to the normal prices and comes with promotional items..

One of the promoters/sales girls look at my direction as I kept trying to get a good shot of that place 'cause the lighting there ain't really good..

When it was almost 7pm, the crews opened the door to let Rynn Lim's fans to push each other rush in to get their best seats..


All of them quickly rushed in and passed their tickets to the ticket collector and got their best seats..

Box of collected tickets..

It wasn't really full in the hall at first when I went in there.. There were still quite a number of empty seats..


And since the "show" had yet to start so early (as expected), I went around to take some more pictures of the crowd.. and took a picture of the backdrop banner on the stage..


After standing for quite some times, I felt tired.. and I went to the front seats to test my luck whether I can still get a good view of the stage.. And so I did.. got a seat for myself and I at the second row..

I sat down.. and turned my head.. and I spotted this lady sat next to me.. (YES.. Just right to me..)

Evelyn Tan..

I was so surprised and shocked when I saw her.. even jumped up a while.. and she laughed the hell out of me.. she said, "You should see your expression when you saw me!"

and I went =.=" (swtz).. How embarrassing to portray my "shocking" face to a lady.. Hahaz.. Anyway, we talked a bit and I saw another empty seat at the first row and asked Evelyn whether that seat in front was empty or not and she told me that she saw no one sitting there since the beginning..

Before I moved to the front seat, I asked one of Rynn's fans who had purchased his "干物世界 (Gan Wu Shi Jie)" album to pose and let me take a picture of her with her beloved album..


Ya.. She rejected my offer and so, instead, she lend me her album to take a picture of it.. How nice that lady.. Didn't got to know her name.. After that I moved to the front seat and snapped few more pictures..

One of it, I snapped our Kuching bloggers who are in the VIP area.. Whoa.. Their's TUAKI camera.. and mine.. Seh Ki camera.. How to compare oo..

White (behind): Jimmy Chin and Irene Law
Dark shirt (front): Michael Kon, Anonymous Norman and Anonymous Allen

(Help me identify them..)

After snapped and snapped.. the real event started.. Started with a kick ass MC, our local MC, Mr. Liang Qiang (if I didn't spelled it wrongly..)


If I didn't recall wrongly, he was one of the Astro Talent Quest participant of don't know which year.. (Can't blame me for my lousy memory.. I am well known for it already.. Hahaz..)

As usual, before the artiste arrive, the MC will asked few audiences to answer few questions or play games to fill in the waiting time..


This first participant gave me a strong impression.. She was asked by the MC to sing one song in Lin Yu Zhong's latest album which is "Gan Wu Shi Jie".. She sang 远远 "Yuan Yuan (Far Far in English)" and she actually sang it pretty well.. I guess she must had prepared this for quite a while before Rynn Lim come to do his promo tour in Kuching..

Soon it got packed with people..

After calling 8 participants, Mr. Liang Qiang invited one of the My FM DJ to do the next host for Rynn Lim.. DJ Wen Kang (If I didn't spell it wrongly..)..

DJ Wen Kang from MY FM

I laughed my ass off when I saw his appearance and I had prepared for the worst for jokes coming from him judging by his face.. He is a lively dude despite his "nerdy" look and he entertained his audiences well.. including me, of course..

He then invited the main character of the night..

Rynn Lim aka Lin Yu Zhong

He sang very well despite his flu and cough.. Since this was his last stop of his promo tour, he was asked more questions than ever by DJ Wen Kang.. One of it was did Lin Yu Zhong dated Kuching girl before.. and Lin Yu Zhong replied "I never dated Kuching girl before and only started dating at the age of 20++ and I actually dated girl from West Malaysia"

Few of the audiences were also invited to the stage and they were asked to sing one song from Rynn's latest album.. They were all very lively and natural when they were on the stage.. I didn't see stage fright in them and in fact, they were all good..


Lin Yu Zhong sang 3 songs from his "Gan Wu Shi Jie" album namely "干物女 (Gan Wu Nu)", "远远 (Yuan Yuan)" and "改嫁 (Gai Jia)" and one song from his old album with the title "靠岸 (Kao An)"..

Two thumbs up for him.. He coughed a few times but it did not affect his vocal at all.. I guess that's what we call "home sick" as he was coming home and he caught a flu..

After singing, time to put his signature on his album for all his fans at the promo tour..


I was very honoured to be able to stand on the stage to take a close picture of him as a "Kuching Blogger" like any other reporter does..


with this "Blogger Pass" from Thanks to Irene for lending her pass to me or else I won't be able to snap the close up photo for the signature session..

Then, after finish putting his lovely signature on those albums, Rynn did a good job at posing.. DJ Wen Kang asked him to pose for his fans to take pictures..


And lastly, Rynn had a shot with the event related crews and staffs and all those VIPs..


Didn't get a good shot with a lousy camera..

PS: Some of the details might be a bit off.. I can't really remember properly those names and other stuffs.. Please correct me if I am wrong..

PPS: I don't have good camera.. Don't complain the picture quality..

PPPS: I still think the security there ain't really tight.. Too loose that people were free to do whatever they like near the stage..

UPDATE: Anonymous had been identified. Thanks to Irene..


Calvyn said...

er... who is rynn lim? I dono him...

Irene said...

The one next to Michael is Norman(, the other one Allen(

Harry said...

LOLz.. now u know liao lo.. :P
haha.. time to see his picture.

Whee. thanx..

norman goh said...

Hey Harry! Nice to meet ya.

Nice pics there, I've yet to post the pics I took, gotta do some adjustments. Hahahaha.

Anyways, I have 3 posts about Yu Zhong; Charity Concert, Chinese New Year visit at my grandma's house (his dad is my mum's cousin), and intro of Yu Zhong.

He won't be back for CNY next year like this year. Sigh...busy guy..

Eve said...

a very good,detailed post u ve~!
well done!
and yup haha ur reaction..omg!*laugh*

jimmychin said...

wakaka.. finally met you.. haha.. harry = nice person.. lol

Harry said...

norman: haha.. i see i see.. so u are somehow related with him..
Hahaz.. I dont do much adjustment on pictures.. not enough time to do so..

Eve: haha.. detailed? ya ker.. oh.. that expression? priceless..

jimmy: really or not? nice person? or kenak paksa say like dat here de?? LOLz