Saturday, December 6, 2008

Short Post: Going to Jakarta again

Holiday will never be perfect if we didn't go traveling.. Aiya.. In fact no need go far far also can one.. Like in Kuching, we travel to "Damai Beach" which is just less than an hour drive is already considered as enjoying our "holiday" liao..

I'd been to Jakarta before last time and will be going to Jakarta again in few hours later.. Due to my disappearance, I'll schedule some post with some pictures for you to read while I am not around..

Feel free to comment if you have your "say" about those.. Well, how's the post going to be?! You would have to come here and keep checking.. Meanwhile, do drop me a message in my chatbox or comment if you have anything to let me know or just to leave me a message..

Well, the last time I went to Jakarta, I stayed in a Presidential Suite at Ciputra Hotel which was a prize from iTalentstar.. also, I went for ice skating.. This time, it's just a normal family trip.. So, to know how's my Jakarta trip, you would have to check it week after next..

Hereby, I would like to say "see you guys again" to all my readers as I won't be able to reply your message or comment immediately.. and of course, last but not least, thanks for dropping by my blog and read my lousy disgusting irritating annoying post..

Jakarta, HERE I COME again!!


Rynnnn said...

have a safe trip!!

Yuchelia said...

Hikx.. When you are about to go Jakarta, you said byebye to everyone but didnt say that u are meeting me.. ><"

Huff.. *Go to the corner and crouch while mumbling to myself"