Wednesday, April 30, 2008

iTalentStar Final Video - Miraculous Love

Wow.. it's been some times since my last posting isn't it? Well.. If you wonder what I'm busy with..


This it is.. "Miraculous Love" short film.. I really had a tough time doing this video..

Miraculous Love - Part 1

Miraculous Love - Part 2

Before taking this video, I had to think of the scripts and dialogues.. And have to try to make it as short as possible or just nice at 6mins.. It's not easy to make a short films for romance scenes..

Normally, like Taiwan drama series and Korean drama series.. those scene can take up to 30mins.. Well, first time acting.. "Pai seh" if not good or up to your expectation..

Apart from this, what you guys should really know is.. the problem with the software of the Panasonic HandyCam.. It is using DVD-RAM to record the video and saved as VRO format.. I had super tough time to find the converter to convert the VRO video properly.. Thanks to Gary for helping me to find the software at the end (he didn't sleep the whole night just to help me search the video converter).. Luckilly, I was able to hand in the video to iTalentStar a bit later.. Uploaded to youtube on 29th April which eventually we should submit the video by 28th April..

Everything is in a rush for this video as I am not really good in video editing too..

Well.. Overall.. It's a tough one.. I guess I really should salute those people who studied Multimedia and Mass Comm. It isn't easy to edit video, direct video and even act in a video..

Special thanks to Yuni for becoming my main actress and also helping me endlessly and also to Swee Ying for becoming one of the casts in the video and shoot the video for the whole thing.. (Both of them also stayed up the whole night to accompany me to do this video..)

Bah.. a long journal.. should stop here now..

Keep checking for updates as I will be a bit more free to update my blog liao de..



leafii said...

my comment for ur video ar...
its so so so so sweets lar at the back there..!~
hehe anyways i got a little bit opinion for you that's ..
for part I there..
its a little bit too long i guess for the part that you walk around and take photo de..
anyways..:) JIAYOU oO!~

Harry said...

really ah ?

thanx.. after finish edit i also felt so..

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Anonymous said...

The authoritative answer, funny...