Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Post: One Picture, Different modes

NOTE: I'm currently at Damai beach resort (Damai Puri) and this is a scheduled post.. Enjoy reading and looking and puking at my handsome gorgeous face and jealous with the shots..

This is what we called the "Magic of Arts".. Nah.. Actually, only use simple program like Photoshop will do..

Enjoy looking those pictures.. *winks*

The picture below was taken in Jakarta's M Studio together with my girlfriend..

DSCF3370_23 DSCF3370_23_1
Left: Original Picture
Right: Contrast and Brightness adjusted

DSCF3370_23_2 DSCF3370_23_3
Creating black and white images

 DSCF3370_23_4 DSCF3370_23_5
Left: Paper note effect
Right: Paradise effect

The mode that I like the most.. Not totally black and white or gray..
It was inverted with one of the black and white mode..

I'm still trying to do more adjustment on some other pictures.. So stay tune for more photos or pictures..


sabahking said...

photoshops is really a powerful tool to edit photo... i still learning on this software...

Yi Ling said...

awww. so sweet. haha!

Kev said...

such a romantic pose :)

BLue said...

If you notice from the head to neck it shows a heart shape :)

How sweet~

ahmike said...

lol this is very nice.. So sweet too

Harry said...

totally agree with it.. and yes.. me also still learning..

Thanx.. hehe..

thanx thanx..

whoo.. really wor.. not bad.. good in noticing stuff ya u..

sweet lei.. hehe.. I oso think nice nice..