Sunday, December 28, 2008

Short Update: Busy Holiday-ing

Sorry guys, must had made you all waiting for my new post.. Unfortunately, I'm not updating anything new for today but to inform my whereabouts and what makes me so busy.. and of course, don't worry.. Harry is still alive and breathing well..

I have like 3months of semester break and 1month++ had already passed.. Talking about time, we just can't make it stop.. Sigh.. I need more time.. How I wish I have 48 hours per day.. I am sure I'll be able to update my things here by then..

Ok.. So, what had I been busy with?!

I'd been busy babysitting, lazy about, watching drama series, playing Kuwakchai web based game (kinda an addiction), hanging out with my family and friends (endless appointment), chatting, shopping for Chinese New Year clothes, and also managing iStream Radio (my online radio)..

Whoa.. Long list ain't it?! Soon, I gotta have a cleaning spree for my house.. Well, you know, Chinese New Year is just around the corner..

Just in case you guys missed me a lot.. Here's a picture of mine..

Me drinking some mixed juice (don't ask me what's that) during Christmas Eve


Kev said...

Hi Harry...well, enjoy as much as you can. Once you start working, not much time to do that; once you're married - probably even lesser time :)

Keep blogging.

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

hahaha I also holiday'ing XD
doing a christmas marathon celebration xD

Harry said...

I guess you are rite.. hahaz.. time to live life to the fullest!! hahaz..

Jian Akiraceo:
Muahaha.. must be tiring for the xmas marathon aint it.. but nevermind.. best thing is you enjoyed it!!