Monday, December 15, 2008

Short Update: Back from Indonesia

Previously, I mentioned that I was going to Jakarta and now I am back.. Well, actually I came back to Kuching last Saturday night at about 11pm and I'd so much things to check on the net.. my mail.. my blog.. and all sorts of stuffs.. I checked till so late that I didn't have a good rest yet..

I regret to announce my disappearance again for this coming 3 days as I'll be going to Damai (one of Kuching's tourist attractions) tomorrow.. There's a lot to share with you all about my Jakarta Trip and will have tonnes of picture to show you all.. However, many pictures had yet to filtered from whole loads of photo..

But ,I guess, I'll make a sneak peek about my upcoming post about Jakarta.. I don't know when I'll be updating it but I'll definitely update it when I'm free..

Bambu Haur Restaurant (Nice environment)

Pangandaran Beach

Cagar Alam Park

Green Canyon

Uni Beach Hotel (Resort hotel in Pangandaran)

Dunkin' Donuts in Jakarta 

Dunia Fantasy aka DuFan (read it as Do.Fun)

And yes.. it's a nice trip.. a wonderful one, I should say..

Special thanks to my girlfriend for bringing my family and I touring all around at Pangandaran Beach and Jakarta..

P/S: You guys should try spending your holiday at Pangandaran Beach if you happened to visit Jakarta..


Calvyn said...

go to indonesia can become king 1 ist?

or may be become millionair, lolz

Harry said...

maybe not.. but millionaie yea!!!

Anonymous said...

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