Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blidget by Widgetbox

I came across an interesting widget while I was searching for some thing that can display my post feeds of my blog or even other blogs. Trying to embed a blog feed do take few technical task to do which I think it's quite fussy to do so..

And so.. presenting you "Blidget" which literally means "blog + widget"..


Like I said before, I was searching around for blog post feeds which I can feed on on other websites... Basically, it means allowing other website readers to be able to see a snippet of blog post.. 

It's very simple to use.. All you need to know is your blog feed URL location.. and a bit of knowledge of Mix and Match theme for your blog..


Yes, you can definitely customize your blidget content.. Options like showing it as a list or slideshow, and includes images or summaries and even customize your header.. It's all at your finger tips..

Wait no more.. Install it now and ask your friend to share it with their reader too..

For more information, check it out at


Rynnnn said...

Nice. Useful!

烧翼 said...

nice, looks cool.

just apple said...

seems cool for the widget...>.<' btw feel free do drop me a comment for the latest Apple Awards 2008!~

EiNS said...'s not a new thing..

plus, wowzio and springwidget rss reader is a lot more cooler than this one..

widgetbox is the least beautiful widget compared to other similar rss widget..

david santos said...

Excellent work! Congratulations!!!

Harry said...

Rynnn: it is.. haha..

烧翼: yeapz.. it's cool

just apple: u shud try it out too..

EiNS: yeapz.. i didnt said it's a new thing though.. and thanx for introduce two other widget..

david santos: thanx..