Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye 2008. Hi 2009.

Whoa.. 2008 is one busy yet lazy year for me.. I think I am kinda useless this year.. I didn't do much.. Nothing outstanding.. Felt like I am a junk of rubbish for the whole year now..

However, few notable things happened this year are definitely meeting new friends virtually and in real-life, bought a lot of shirts to add in to my overflowing wardrobe, won as an iTalentStar country champion, visited Jakarta twice, went to Genting Highlands for more than 5 times, etc..

The most notable things that occurred is I have this wonderful girl by my side (literally) who always supports me and loves me even though I am not that adoring.. Signing 2nd May 2008, we started our relationship.. From "Single and available" turning into "Single yet unavailable" status is definitely one big difference to my life.. I'm not that lone wolf anymore and I have someone who I can lean on whenever I needed to.. I have to make an adjustment for myself as I'd always live like an "unwanted" guy and a lifeless guy who always hug the computer even until bedtime..


Not all relationships are as wonderful as we thought.. Of course, we have to endure all those sour, bitter, spicy or perhaps salty moment of our life together.. All arguments are made necessarily to make both parties to understand each other deeper.. To reach to the bottom line, one has to be passionate and be patient to each other.. Sometimes, arguing makes me feel like I'm in a relationship.. Arguing shows we are concerned with each others words and feelings.. In simple word, we care for each other..

OK.. I guess I should not dwell more about 2008.. It's going to be a new year after today.. and I'm looking forward for this new year.. 2009.. Here I come..

I made a new Wishlist for this new year..

New Wishlist:

1. DSLR Camera (The TuaKi Camera) for capturing precious moment.. for clearer resolution..


2.  Mixer for my iStream Radio, an online radio.. A simple one will do..


3. Erm.. Still don't know what else to ask.. There's 1 and 2, and so there's always 3.. I'll leave this 3rd one on halt until I know what to wish for again.. Teehee~~


After making the new wishlist.. Time to make some new hopes for this coming new year..

New Hopes:

1. Everything goes smoothly for my family and I..


Often, there's obstacle ahead us.. I just hope those obstacle ain't that big.. I just hope everything goes well for my family and I..

2. My girlfriend and friends will always be at my side when I needed them..


Sometimes, when we felt lost, we don't really know who to turn to.. I just hope I am not that lost for this coming year..

3. Hope I can make my online radio, iStream Radio, big..


iStream Radio has a long history already.. I just hope that this new year it'll has a brand new fresh start..

Ofcourse, humans are greedy.. There's endless wishes and hopes all around the year.. but trying to make it short.. I made the major 3..

Well, time for another wish and hope..

Hereby, I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you all does well in everything you all do..

HI HI 2009.. BYE BYE 2008..

New Year.. New Wish.. New Hope..


Yi Ling said...

Happy New Year! :D

i saw DSLR and i went @.@
have a great 09!

Ahmike said...

I support you brother xD.. All the best in 2009. I believe it's greater year. let's see it positively

Kev said...

Happy New Year 2009 to you, Harry.
Be good, and take care always.

...keep blogging :)

Eve said...

happy new year harry=)ALL THE BEST! ganbatte!^____^

renaye said...

happy belated new year. i left a comment on ur nescafe kickstart plan.

all the best for 2009!