Sunday, November 2, 2008

Short Post: Back from Nuffnang Halloween Party

The event totally rocks man!! If you wonder what event I am talking about, you should check my this previous post regarding the silent halloween party..

Something funny were expected to happen.. and I really laughed out loudly when I see a monster.. a tranny.. a bimbo..


When Harry the vampie meets the retarded Paris Hilton..

Wonder what happened next?! You should check out my upcoming post then..

Lately, caught up with assignments and a bit sick.. *flu flu*.. Some more I had a lot of sleepless nights in a row.. That makes me kinda "DEAD" (literally).. Tired.. Stress.. and a lot of thoughts threw into my mind..

My exam is just around the corner like everyone does.. And after 3 more weeks, I am going BACK to KUCHING!! YAY!!

Keep checking for my updates.. I would wish to interact with my reader more and like to know what's best for this blog..

Stay tune..


Vampire Harry signing off..

UPDATE: Forgot to mention.. That Paris Hilton is Rui.. Congratulation to him.. He won the "Female" Best Dressed GRAND WINNER!! WTF?! LOLz.. He walked away with a new handphone!! WHOA!


♥ JessieTan said...


and im so proudda him!!!!


Harry said...

jess aka POM: LOLzz.. indeed.. proud of him heh?! and guess what he got the best "FEMALE" costume!! OMG!!

Cathy said... that ruionkoh??hahahahhahahaha

Harry said...

cathy: in response, yes! it's him!! hahaz.. i mean her.. sigh.. i mean it!!

shon chong said...

haha.. is paris!!!!!!!

Harry said...

shon chong: yeapz!! PARIS!! WTF?! lolz!

Ahmike said...

lol this celaka ruionkoh, hahhaha

PehHwa said...

omg, you guys look so cool.

renaye said...

wow. i just spent my halloween staying at home and in kinokuniya to hunt for a new book.

cojack said...


promoting ur blog with highlights of Paris Hilton.... +_+ be more creative la wey!!!


Harry said...

ahmike: haha.. yaya.. haha..

pehhwa: nah.. that paris hilton indeed cool! hehez.. he beat us all..

renaye: pity u.. u should join us next time..

cojack: apasal u.. me tumpang glamour cannot ker? some more he's the highlight of the night.. everyone's writing about ur bro.. lolz.. dont jealous!

cojack said...

hahaha... not to jealous la wanna write go ahead.... but you are just so obvious.. hahahahahhahahahahahahha!!!

Harry said...

cojack: hey bro.. i think you misunderstood me.. the whole purpose to feature your bro is actually congratulating him.. I have no intention to "promote" my blog for this la.. ><" I hope u dont get me wrong ler..

I just write whatever it's in my mind.. I dont do it for readers interest purposes.. you should check my other posts to understand the way I write ler ><"

uhmz.. Did I sound a bit too harsh?

cojack said...

chill... XD

juz kiddin anwyay

my turn :

WHY so Serioussss~~


Boris said...

wahahaah he won?! WTF!!! hehehe.... yup exams are a drag but just take them! heheh..

just a reply to your comment.. so boxers when sleeping? that's cool because your morning wood can get some more space :)

Harry said...

cojack: no worries.. :) cheers..

Boris: ya he won..