Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fashion or Body Art?!

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First of, I have to repeat myself again.. I'm sorry for my disappearance.. I felt so heavy on my shoulder that I couldn't take it off.. I try not to think too much stuffs and try to do less.. but I think things started to get messed up now..

Anyway, back to main topic.. Fashion or Body Art?!

Have you seen Body Art before?! You think you know what's fashion?!

Not until you see the pictures below and you will have your jaw drop..


image image


Well, I give a thumb up for 4 of the pictures above.. Those are good body arts... Now, don't you come complain to me saying that I am posting up indecent pictures because these are all ARTS!!

Well, with those arts attached.. I do think it's quite a fashionable way to express yourself ain' it?!

You see people torturing themselves by poking needles to their nose, eye, tongue, everywhere on the body and face and even their penis vagina "private part".. If you say that's fashion too, I'll say "BULLSHIT".. Oh, by the way, they called it piercing.. I call it nonsense..

Piercing on ear is quite fine to me.. but piercing elsewhere?! I'm not too sure about that.. Some people suits with piercing but some people just don't get it.. The more they pierce, the more monster look they are.. They look just so inhuman..

Nevermind about the piercing part.. As for now, I'll show you what's the difference between body art and computer art..



image image

You say they are real art?! Well, define "art" to me now.. Haha.. I just think it's kinda fake, especially their face.. Doesn't look like human bone structure at all.. Okay okay.. Fine.. They either use mask or photoshop it then.. I don't really like those 4 pictures above.. They look too fake to me..

If you say they are epic, you should see this..


Crabby girl.. looks genuine..

image image image

.. or Bugs' life?!

I think these are cool.. though look a bit unreal.. but who cares.. they are cool and beautiful arts!

Now what's ART again?!