Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shabu-Shabu Restaurant / Restoran Shabu-Shabu

Two weeks ago, on a fine Saturday night, and in the midst of exam, I went to Shabu-Shabu Restaurant with my girlfriend and friends.. Like I always said, when stress level shooting high up, and so is our weight.. Agree with me even if you are not food addict when it comes to stress times/hours!!

At times, we crave for food due to the energy that we wished to use to memorize those unnecessary stuffs for those cheap pieces of certificates which are yet costly to get it.. Sometimes, because of those cheap lousy certificates, we even wished to have a ticket to HEAVEN due to those stressful and hectic routine of a student..

Ticket to Heaven (Source:

OK, let's just skip about how stressful life can be.. Now let us think about FOOD FOOD FOOD!! Well, to me, food does satisfies me when I am depress or stressful.. I don't know about you.. However, if you are craving for food, Shabu-Shabu Restaurant aka Restoran Shabu-Shabu aka “强强滚”(Qiang Qiang Gun) will definitely be the hotspot for you to check it out..


So, what's so special about this restaurant?! Of course, every restaurant's purpose is to serve food but they differ in the way of services, foods, drinks, ambience, and hot waitress/waiter prices..

Here at Shabu-Shabu Restaurant, you will be able to get variety choices of foods, from vegetables to meats, meats to seafood.. They do serve normal dishes such as fry foods, noodles and something that's similar to other restaurant.. But what makes them so special is actually their Japanese Style Steamboat BUFFET!!


I know guy like me should not crave for too much buffet already due to my disgusting excessive fats I have around me.. However, I can't help but to try it.. It looked simply delicious to me!!

buffet hunter 
Food hunter team: Harry, Yuni, Boon San, Clarissa (From left)

*grins evilly* We craved for food..


Look what I ate.. Don't you complain it doesn't look delicious.. I didn't take culinary arts.. I don't know how to make the food "looks" nice.. Anyway, we had free flow of drinks (choices of green tea, pink guava juice, orange juice and more to name)

I believe you saw those dishes served on the belt just like those you saw at Sushi King on one of the picture above.. Indeed, those raw foods are served on the belt.. Apart from that, there's a waiter/waitress who will move around in the center of the belt, taking fried dishes around and ask you, "你要炸的吗? (Do you want fried one?)"

I practically make a joke about it with my friend and told him that the lady or waitress asked him whether he wanted to "zha" her or not.. Inside joke.. Pun intended..

Anyway, food there were way too much for me and seriously.. unlimited.. I was seriously bloated due to over consumption of seafood and meats... Gosh!

Empty shell of prawns and other wasted foods..

There were few waitress who were considered efficient enough to clear the tables and to serve the crowds swiftly.. But most of the people there were busy eating as we, Malaysian, like the word "EAT ALL YOU CAN".. Seriously, how much can you eat?!

Oh.. and I even asked my friend and wondered whether they can earn from such business.. He gave me one SIMPLE reason, "Of course, they gain profits from this, else they'd bankrupt before we even come to eat".. Then I went  *sweats  =.="* True also la..


I didn't bothered much and I just tried to finish up the food that I took and cooked in the boat (from the word steamboat).. According to most of the buffet rules, you have to PAY for what you can't FINISH and WASTE the foods.. Clever people like me will just take the portion that I can finish and choose worthy servings to eat..

'Nuff said!!

So how much does it cost?! RM26++ after tax per pax.. Not really expensive for such a steamboat buffet, I should say..

I heard that there are few branches in Klang Valley but the one I tried is located somewhere around Puchong or some say Bandar Puteri if I didn't recall wrongly.. Correct me if I am wrong..

Go if you feel it's time to stress out and get all those exams fever cool down!


blue_racoon said...

wah....don't make me hungry now can?? XD

btw....i'm pretty sure shabu shabu is in puchong...

ahmike said...

yummylicious xD

Harry said...

blue_racoon: aww.. dont hungry.. go there makan sure no problem liao.. confirm u full till tomorrow!

ahmike: YEAP!

シ Puiyeng said...

I went there before!!
I like the baby octopus and the fried yam. LOLOLOLOL!!

I eat untill damn full dat time. xD
The stomach is like gonna burst. LOL!

shah said...

not enough pictures laaa...

Harry said...

Puiyeng: too many choices till i donno wat to eat lo..
yeapz.. bursting!

shah: hahaz.. sorry ya.. i was busy eating la.. lolz..

bloodsinnerken said...

you just made my stomach growl