Friday, November 14, 2008

Satisfaction and Appreciation

A lot of time, we'll see these two words appear everywhere, regardless from the email or from speeches..

Satisfaction and Appreciation 

So, what's so great about these two words?! They ain't a big word to most of us, but to certain people, it matters a lot.. To me, both the words played an important role in my life or even in the process of growing up..

I'm not the boy that I'm used to be when I was a kid, and yet, I am not total man yet.. Considering myself as a half man here, things can be distracting and dilemma often occurs in life..

So how does this two words played their role in my life?!

Humans are never SATISFY with whatever things they do or they have.. When you relate it with the "satisfaction", you got the word "appreciation".. Humans "seldom" appreciate with what they have and what others did to them..

Now, problems like this often occur in a family or with friends when they asked from you for more even if you are at your limit.. I certainly think that all of us, humans, have our own limit in anything we do.. Some people were granted  or gifted by their talent at doing their things "well" but that doesn't mean that they can do their things "perfect"..

There's no such things as perfect in this world.. If you think that you are Mr./Mrs./Mdm./It. Perfect, I wont argue further on that.. The point is, no one is perfect in this world.. Each of us has our own weaknesses, depending how showy it is to the others.. Some evil people do take for granted on some other's weaknesses..

I mean, com' on, those above have nothing related to satisfaction/appreciation huh?! I do think that both satisfaction/appreciation bond things up quite well, just that we never realize that, they played an important role on us..

Are you satisfy with yourself?! Your physical look? Your health? Your everything?! If you are saying that you do, you must be lying.. Even for me, I am not quite satisfied with who and what I am right now.. But what to do?! Life goes on.. Why do you have to let all this single bit of details bother you and ruin your life?!

Talking about satisfaction, now, take a moment to think.. Does people around you appreciates you?! Appreciates what you'd done to them, how much you improved yourself just to fit them well?! How about yourself? Do you appreciate them too? Most of the time, we easily forget people good deeds.. We tempt to neglect their strength point and looking at the weaknesses only..

Things like this frequently happen to a newly-married couple.. They started to realize that their dearest one ain't as good as they think.. And they started to point out the weaknesses and forgotten what are they strength point..

Why do we have to be so pessimistic? Why can we just a bit more optimistic? Instead of thinking how bad they are and what their weaknesses are, can't we even think that, perhaps, their weaknesses could be their strength point too?!

We should learn how to appreciate people around us and try to be at least satisfy with them.. When we keep on desiring it, we'll be losing it at no time..

I'm not particular with what the people around me can do for me or even how they look.. They pretty or not, fugly or not, it doesn't matter to me at all.. What matters to me a lot is they appreciate me and have faith with me..

When we are optimistic, it doesn't mean that we careless for them.. Just that, we try to make the world bigger.. Think outside the box instead of trapping our thoughts in a small box.. It doesn't have to be a bad thing to be insensible.. Optimistic tempt to be a bit insensible, but not selfish..

Perhaps, it's time for you to show how much you care for the others and how much you appreciates them.. Instead of desiring more from them, asking more from them, why don't you do more to them?

Like I said all the times, what goes around, comes around.. We do good deeds not to show how good we are, but we appreciate that life is not a game.. There's no reset but GAME OVER.. Why do you expect people to return your "deed" so much that you even forgot that good deeds are actually from the bottom of our heart.. It's about sincerity..

So to all my friend, my love ones, my family.. I do not see you all as something that hold me back in my life.. I really appreciate with you all.. and in fact, I am do not desire much from you all.. However, there's always a limit for everything.. Step over the line means game over for you and me.. I love you all and will always remember of you all (even though I am a forgetful person).. I just hope that. perhaps, it's time for you to do the same thing to me.. It's time for you to change and not only seeing Harry's evolution or changes..



♥ JessieTan said...

humans can never be satisfied in whatever they do. they yearn to get more of what they have.

appreciation should be in their heads instead. thank their lucky stars on what they have


Harry said...

muahahaz.. i bet u havent finish reading it.. hahaz..

it's my first ever super duper long non-picture post..

not to say, all boring words and feeling pours..

c@nEy said...

in life, u will never satisfied / feel appreciated with urself unless you been through the worst ever scenarios...

i've learned life the hard way and i appreciate ever single things in my life even more and to quote myself : 'things happened for a reason, it happens to prepare you to a better tmr'

dont complaint but start loving what you have and you will know after all, life isnt that bad if compare to those who experience far worst than yours

blue_racoon said...

well, as for satisfaction, humans will never be satisfied with what they have. they will alwiz want more. It's a neverending cycle...

as for appreciation, again, humans alwiz take things for granted. They usually won't realize that until it is a little too late..

but i agree with caney that 'things happens for a reason, it happens to prepare you to a better tmr'. If we live in a perfect world, there's not much point of living a life...

PehHwa said...

Good points here. I personally think that way too. Anyhow, our wants are unlimited, no matter how's ur life going, you would want more.

Yea, doing good deeds is nothing to show off if one helps from bottom of the heart.

I do agree that we should know our limit. Appreciate what you have with a cheerful SMILE =)

If one loses something, no worries, things ain't perfect. Just go on and be a better oneself with no regret =)

Just bits of my thoughts. Nice post.

3POINT8 said...

Good one.
I was about to write something sarcastic, but i don't think you'll appreciate it

Patricia Beandots said...


Harry said...

c@ney: I like your this sentence.. "dont complaint but start loving what you have and you will know after all, life isnt that bad if compare to those who experience far worst than yours" .. and totally agree with it..

blue_racoon: "things happens for a reason, it happens to prepare you to a better tmr" .. exactly.. it's how we moved on..

pehhwa: thanx for the compliments and also.. thanks for your time to spill your thoughts too.. it's so nice of you..

3POINT8: I really wanna hear a thought of yours regarding your "sarcastic" comments.. com' on.. I'll appreciate it..

patricia beandots: muahahaz.. thanx thanx..

Yi Ling said...

it's human nature to focus only on the weakness of another. oh wells. not easy you know. to constantly appreciate and be optimistic :X

BLue said...

harry, sometimes we don't know how to express it out doesn't mean we don't love or appreciate someone. Not sure if you get what I'm trying to say here...

Harry said...

yi ling: it's not easy for everything.. hahaz.. it takes time to learn ofcoz.. and we are still growing every minute every seconds.. constantly appreciating might be easy.. but being optimistic is kinda hard.. me still learning too..

blue: nath, I got what you mean.. different people got different type of way to express themselves.. I think I told u about this before.. as long as one appreciate another from the bottom of the heart.. i guess that's more than enough.. we dont have to always say "I LOVE U" to show that we really love them.. word means nothing if it's not from the sincere heart.. :) agree?! no?