Monday, November 17, 2008

I had finally found myself

All this while, I kept thinking of what makes me what I am right now and even trying to understand myself.. I will always ask around to try understand myself.. but all this while, the answer I got is "Harry is too random.. Hard to understand la.." which of course, got me clueless for finding my true self out..

And officially, by today, 17th November 2008, I found out who I am now.. It's hard to believe that I did it!!

Well, actually, I do think that my mother do understand me a lot though as she is the one who I always make my complains to and she is the one who is always by my side when I am down.. She's very very protective.. Whenever, I'm being bullied, she'll be like saying angrily to me, "Who is the bastard chao kia who bullied my son?" and I will like "Oh my god! Don't go and scold them because of this.. I'm big/old enough already.." (Of course, I scare people will start thinking how weak I am if my mother really does that..)

Ma, if you are reading this, "Kam siah lu.. I LOVE YOU!!" which means "Thank you" in Hokkien.. and of course, my father who always tries to maintain my mother's anger helped a lot.. At least, that stop my mother from defending me in front of others.. My father will say that, "Haiya.. kids matter let them settle themselves la.."

Hehe... Pa, am I right? If you are also reading this, I also wanna say, "Kam siah" to you.. Your son is extremely happy today for being able to understand himself after so long.. and of course, special thanks to Yuni, his girlfriend made him realise that..

and to my dear Yuni, if it wasn't because of the argument, I won't be able to realise myself and I.. Oh.. and don't you guys dare to laugh Harry arguing with his darling.. It's a process of greater bond in a relationship.. If you havent argue/fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend/gayfriend/lesfriend/husband/wife, it's time to do so.. It's the process of understanding each other and throw out the feelings!! If you comment something about my girlfriend, I will delete it permanently and blacklist you and smash you into pieces when I see you.. literally..

Whoa.. Ok.. back to the original topic.. "YAY!! I FOUND MYSELF!!" Many of my friends around me don't really know my background and who I am when I am small.. It may find hard to believe it but that's who I am when I am very very young cute chubby little child.. Even my parents, up till now, may not remember what happened to me back then when I was that lovely kid..

Story to be continued..

Reveal the mystery of Harry in the next post.. So don't miss it and stay tune..


P.S.: A lot of expression had been used in the post to show how happy I am..

P.S.S.: When I said no comment about my girlfriend means NO COMMENT about her ya.. If you do, make sure you write good thing about her!!

P.S.S.S: Sorry for "few" emo posts lately.. It's the period.. LOLz.. Harry's period!!

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Yuchelia said...

Why people cannot comment about me le? Let them comment ma..? People improve themselves from feedback as well what..? :)

So guys n girls, ladies and gentlemen, madam and sir, Mr. and Mrs. It or whoever you are.. Do comment and just write anything that you wanted to say.. :)

Thank you.. ^^