Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Past Busy Week Update

For those who had been wondering why this Harry had slowed down the process of posting more post of him himself and other eye candies or interesting stuffs.. Well, simple excuses for me will be I had a busy week..

I was in the midst of exam as most of you had knew it last week and I am glad it's finally over now.. I'm having my semester break now for 3 months!!! And I will only be going back to KL after Chinese New Year.. Now that's what I call a VACATION!!

Anyway, after my last piece of paper on last Friday, I took a night flight on the same day itself back to Kuching together with my cousin.. It was a rushing day and that last paper was kinda tough compared to all other papers I took.. Well, people used to say, "Save the best for the last" does not really apply here.. It's like freaking tough and it's a paper on "ENGLISH".. I guess my English ain't that good huh?

Skip those fussy exam stuffs since talking about it just makes me feel stress again.. Well, I had a great weekend hanging out with my auntie and, my lovely and adorable cousin after coming back to Kuching.. Well, I should say I took a time-out for myself and went really on "holiday" mode or some say "lazy" mode..

We had a nice family dinner..


My sister on the left and my cousins with my auntie in purple..


My parents with my nephew.. (My father busy on the phone.. Not his pose ok?)


While at it, I camwhore along as well.. This is me and my niece.. She's like glue to me.. and I think that auntie behind me wanna be in the picture along as well, no?

And then we makan~~~ makan~~~ *no picture* Hungry and just eat it right away when it's served..


And had a group photo.. Notice the newcomers?! That's my second sister with her hubby and her baby boy, my another nephew.. Don't complain how dirty and messy the table is.. That's what happen when table is too small for such a "big" family..

After my auntie and cousins flew back to Miri, all my busy days left were actually baby sitting.. I am proud of it!! Well, reason is not many likes to take care of babies.. Simply frustrating and irritating with babies around.. But, hey, there are lots of happy moments with them too..

Let me show you how adorable they are like me..


Alycia Phang.. My niece.. The first grandchild of my parents.. Born in Malaysia.. 2 years old ++ this year.. Owned by my eldest sister.. My glue.. Likes to cry but make me sayang her very much..


Alwyn Phang.. My nephew.. The second grandchild of my parents.. Born in Malaysia also.. 1 year old ++ this year.. Also owned by my eldest sister.. Likes to act cute but doesn't want people to hug him or touch him..


Lee Zhi Qin.. My another nephew.. The third grandchild of my parents.. Also born in Malaysia.. 1 year old ++ this year.. Younger than Alwyn by 1 month++.. Owned by my second sister.. He can sing "Twinkle twinkle little star" a little bit.. Impressive.. Code name: Pooh!

Another funny incident happened yesterday.. I was doing my shopping with my baby niece at "The Spring" mall (most classy mall in Kuching, up-to-date) and then went to Big Apple to buy doughnuts.. Before paying the doughnuts, my baby niece rushed me to go to the toilet 'cause she needed to pee.. EMERGENCY!! So, I dropped my shopped things on the counter and told the cashier staff that I'll be back to pay for it later and take my things along..

And so I did.. went to the toilet.. and met my sister's friend, Eric in the toilet cleaning his son's butt 'cause his son shitted (duh?~!).. Such a coincidence meeting in the toilet.. He invited me to join along his wife, Erin's birthday cake eating session.. It was Erin's birthday and it was really an unplanned trip to join them along.. So, I brought Alycia along with me to join them to eat the cake..


Look at her busy eating.. and the lil kid next to me is Ranfred Renfred(didn't know how to spell his name correctly..)

Also, saw another baby boy..


Ranfred's Renfred's younger brother.. Rowene..


The happy couple.. Eric and Erin (the birthday girl)..

After meeting up with them, I went back pay those doughnuts and then ciaoz..

Coincidents do happen all the time.. Things happened unexpectedly without planning it.. (That's generally the definition..)

And that's how busy I was lately..

Keep checking.. will be updating more..


♥ JessieTan said...


Harry said...

JEss: which one which one??!! maybe is "FATS"!

Yuchelia said...

Omigod.. cia cia so cute! She's so.. sexy.. lol... And alwyn too... haha... cant wait to meet cia cia.. ^^

Yuchelia said...

oopz... wrong spelling.. sia sia.. ><"

DiEsE said...

i know.... i know...
it's the 3rd pic

Harry said...

Yuchelia: cia cia correct.. =.= me wrong.. this uncle sux!! LOLzz...

DiEsE: really?!! muahahaz.. that's FATS!!

mykie said...

I like posts with pictures!!

Anyway, you do look a tad bit like your dad :O!! hehehe.

Jealous @ the table full of food/messy dishes. T-T

Eve said...

Le Le so...贪吃小瓜! Harry,Alycia looks so matured now wui!still cute and pretty as before though! :) long time no c her lw lo..

Harry said...

mykie: really? i look like my daddy?! as expected.. i am my parent's son.. thanx god.. LOLzz.. and glad u like it.. dont jeles.. U ask me go makan.. i can help u mess up ur table too..

Eve: haha.. Le Le.. CUTE!!
ALycia pretty le.. my niece wor.. her uncle's niece.. lolz.. over syok sendiri pulak.. anyway.. u can always see her if u want to.. :)