Tuesday, November 18, 2008

History of Harry's mystery

To understand what happened, you must read the previous post first..

So what's behind Harry's mystery?!

It all started when he was studying in Brunei, Chung Ching Primary School.. School life to Harry wasn't as happy as he had in his childhood compared to the time when he went back to Kuching and studied there.. He was bullied since he was at the primary school by an asshole bastard "si gina" another boy.. (I'll refer that fellow as "Mr. JJJ" from here onwards)..

So, basically, Mr. JJJ always bully Harry until Harry wet his pillow after he came back from the miserable school.. As usual, Harry pretended nothing in front of his friends and in front of that Mr. JJJ's face.. (showing how "kiasu" and "si ai bin" he is..) but in fact, deep inside, it hurts a lot to him.. It makes him pointless going to school where that Mr. JJJ is like ruling the class.. That Mr. JJJ's father is actually one of the guy in the school's board (as in someone who got power to do things).. And due to that reason, some of the asshole bastard teachers licked Mr. JJJ's shoe to get good impression to that fellow's father..

As for Harry, that pity kid, his existence in the teachers' eyes is merely nothing but a small little tiny dust.. Luckily, Harry still had his friends behind him, supporting him to move on through those unhappy days.. There are, of course, some other teacher who took notice of Harry's talent and even tried polishing it especially his art teachers (primary 1 one was such an ass but the rest were fine) and computer teacher (she knew Harry was good in computer)..

Harry still remembers that there was once, Mr. JJJ was talking out loud with his best friend in the class and when the teacher asked them to keep quiet, they pointed at Harry who was very very innocent.. Sitting quietly, alone, got scolded by that stupid idiot teacher for nothing.. Taking all blame.. and keeping the hatred deep inside himself.. And just wet the pillow when he got back..

Harry did not try to defense himself at all as he know it's totally futile to do so as Mr. JJJ is like a gold to that teacher while Harry was just a dull gold which was rather unnoticeable..

After staying 10 years in Brunei, Harry finally moved back to Kuching at year 2002 and continue his studies there.. Harry seen the light and approachable when he was in Kuching.. People who revolves around him, noticed him, and even complimented him from times to times.. He began to felt blessed and tried to be strong (spiritually).. Because of Harry's dreadful past, he tried to help a lot of weaklings and even try to lend them his wings and to cover them whenever necessary..

Harry, eventually, got recognized in the school and became the head prefect in the school.. (there were, of course, few to name that hated Harry as well..).. However, Harry's friend in Kuching delighted him from time to time and he made it through successful through his high school year..

Because of the story above, it inspired Harry to stay strong.. and help those who needed a hand.. Looking at people being bullied reminds me of my past.. But heck.. I am not the old me anymore.. I can't help myself to stop helping them especially they were fallen.. I guess, lending a hand, helping them do help them realize that the world is not as dark as they think.. They will, perhaps, be stronger and won't follow the wrong route..

Thanks to that Mr. JJJ, I am not the weakling anymore.. In fact, I had proved that I can do far far better than what I used to be.. But due to that incidence, bad childhood, I kept forgetting things easily.. Perhaps, it's like what people always said, we try to forget what's painful to us.. To let it go..

NOTE: Story had been cut short.. Scare you read till feel asleep.. If you wanna know more, ask more question.. perhaps, I'll answer it in the next post.. or somehow like that..


P.S.: There is still a barrier between me and Mr. JJJ if you would like to ask..


mykie said...

Kesian Harry!

Nvm. You're very very very strong now XD

Anonymous said...

wow....i would have never guessed that you had lived there for sometime....how long have you stayed in Brunei....after all, that school was just near St.Michael's Mission School....and a terrible, cheating rival...as said by those who competed against Chung Ching Primary and Middle School(separate school,ya)...

I've stayed in Brunei since from my earliest childhood even though i was born in Sabah.I grew up there, almost juz like you except that no one there was vile enough to bully me....to tease me....yalah...but bully.....so far not so vile....

I returned back to Sabah in 2002, the year of SUKMA Sabah....but suffered hell for one year due to being a foreigner on home soil til i get used to it til to the graduation.

Now that the experience taught you and i a good lesson and an lasting imprinted memory that will last till you go down six feet under.