Friday, November 28, 2008

Sperm Donation

It's still an uncommon case in Malaysia that people will go to donate their sperm and deposit it in a sperm bank.. I did a bit of research on this and found that there's one fertility centre at Damansara which is located Petaling Jaya, Damansara Fertility Centre (DFC) , area do resort this type of services such as sperm donation and sperm freezing or better known as sperm banking..


So what's so good about sperm donation?!

I visited a lot of websites and most of them stated that donor earns some money for donating their sperm at the sperm bank.. also, I found another web which stated TOP 5 reasons why people donate sperm..

TOP 5 reasons to donate sperm

5. Free sperm donors? no way!!! Make a bunch of money, sell sperm. You get between $60-$80 per visit by doing sperm donation for money!

4. Put it on your resume ! Right next to the prestigious “3rd Hand Award” you can brag about how you helped out the community of sperm banks of California.

3. Get a free health exam! Get tested for all that nasty stuff with your sperm donation for cash without the co-payment.

2. You have an unlimited amount of sperm, and it’s incredibly easy to donate that sperm to get sperm donor money (it just takes a hand and a magazine).

1. The “Jackass” guys did it!


I mean, com' on lah.. Don't tell me you wanted to donate something from your body for free.. Even people who sold their own bodies to medical research centre also make sure that their family will receive the money when they died.. Donating bodies are, somehow, famous in India but not in Malaysia, of course.. Okay, back to spermie topic!

I am sure that you had even fantasized how these fertility centre served the sperm donor and how to get those sperms prepared.. In most cases that I'd read, those sperm donors will have to do their job by themselves in a private room and only give to the nurse when they are done with their work there..

To have a better idea on how their work, check out this two videos.. Interesting one.. but it, at least, make you understand how sperm bank works..

Well, it's a funny advertisement.. but you got the rough idea already?!

How about this one?! Does it help you to have clearer and better understanding about how sperm donation works?! I know this one is kinda lame.. If you don't really get what this advertisement is about, let me tell you this.. Some male does have weird things that got them "SEXcited".. It's not always about hot and sexy females or even males that will cause their adrenaline rush..

Well, wonder why all in a sudden I post this things in my blog?!

Of course, there are goodies.. I received few interesting pictures through a forwarded mail and got my jaw drop when I saw it..




Some say these pictures are taken in Japan and some say in China.. No idea where these sources are from..

So, interested to donate your beloved sperm already?

Rather than masturbating wasting it in the toilet bowl or worse anywhere else in the drain, why don't you just donate it at the fertility centre and you can even earn some money for it.. In some medical centre, I heard they did free checkup on you before you actually donate your sperm..

Still want to know more how it actually help the society? Do your research now.. It's everywhere on the web..

This video will help you understand how sperm bank works in a scientific way..

Oh.. Also, I found this..

The requirements to become a sperm donor.. Looks like it seemed more like applying for a job!!

It seemed like it'll become a disaster too if you tried to apply to become one of the sperm donor.. How complicating.. Urgh.. Now, going to have second thought about this.. Hahaz..

Enjoying sperm banking..


Ahmike said...

wah free masturbation service.. err...where can i donate ..?haha

Juanito said...

ahmike i help u to masturbate ... want or not??

Harry said...

Ahmike: lolz.. free and yet earning.. not bad hor! Go search for it!

Juanito: you sure u wanna do that?! LOLz

Ahmike said...

Mai lai geli la...dong Juan

Boris said...

well i kn ow what sperm bank is but waaaahhh!!! someone anonymous is masturbating them??? i would rather let my girlfriend do that to me... lots of times but not with a total stranger!!! no fun at alll!!!

quoting you "some males does have weird things that got them sexcited" >> we all have our own fantasies and how we get aroused. it totally depends dude.

the last 2 videos are awesome

wow malaysians are not really open to sex topics...

julian said...

hehe interesting :) Sure looks like a lot of trouble to get hold of some pr0n though! ;)

Harry said...

ahmike: you got gans there.. lolz..

Boris: lolz.. masturbation.. hmz.. lolz.. that's what i meant anyway.. we all have our own way to fantasize..

and yea.. malaysians are not open to sex topic.. LOLz

julian: lolz.. yeahz.. exactly..

Zee bo Bee said...

When you say sperm donation...

it could be like for personal maybe some guys will become infertile after their whatever cancer treatment...

or like some people can just "rent-a-sperm" to make a baby. You know, all those single-women who want kids and all those married-women with "problematic" husbands.

The question is...what if your kid someday ends up getting married to the half-brother/sister he/she never knew he/she had.


☆HoCaN★ said...

you donate i dont donate..
you dun donate i also dont donate ^^

Harry said...

Zee bo Bee: i guess u are rite about the part of the weirdness.. lolz.. i cant imagine.. walking around.. and suddenly a kid come to me and say hi pa.. when my wife is around! lolz..

Hocan: lolz.. ok ok..

Anonymous said...

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Harry said...

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