Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Learn Pronunciation through Human Organ

Was in a midst of struggling through my examination and currently studying Mathematics For Computing which are rather practical than theory wise..

Something funny came out while I filter through all the student notes that were given by my Maths lecturer (last minute study).. In the junk pile of useless student notes, there are one of this chapters which makes me laugh since last time up till now..

Sometimes, it's rather funny to receive such thing from the lecturer itself.. Wondering what I am talking about?! Curious about it?! I'll show you about it in a short while..

All the terms, especially the scientific and computerized terms, are rather difficult to pronounce not to say even harder to memorize.. However, through some techniques, we can learn to pronounce fast and even memorize it faster.. As the title said, "Learn Pronunciation through Human Organ"..

So, how do we imply this technique in our daily student notes or even own made notes?!

Look at the example below..


EBCDIC which is also known as "Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code" can be pronounced as "EBB-SEE-DICK".. I know, it's like WTF?!! EBB-SEE-DICK?! It makes you easier to memorize isn't it? When you think of "Dick" and you'll remember what's EBCDIC..

Well, to enhance the visual technique.. I even thought of something such as "APE-SEE-DICK".. Since EBB and APE has the same pronunciation..

So, all you have to do is to remember an APE see a DICK and you'll remember this term..


Next up, we have ASCII-8 which is also known as American Standard Code for Information Interchange that can be pronounced as "ASS KEY".. Oh my GOSH!! What the hell is this ASS-KEY?!! I laughed till I dropped lah!!

All you have to do is to picture an ASS shaped key and you'll get ASCII eventually..

I believe these are the notes written by his students..

Had a good laugh?! I hope you did 'cause I really laughed till cannot study now..

I think I gotta rush now.. If I still don't practice on this Maths, I won't be able to score "ASS" for this semester..

Chee BYE!!


3POINT8 said...


Hairy-san Curi blogspot

blue_racoon said...

ass-key is called so bcoz it is a pain in the ass to learn :p

tw said...

lol. i hope ur sir name is not kok.

because harry kok would be pronounced as hariy cock. =P!

tw said...

sur name*

Yi Ling said...

LOL! that was hilarious. XD good thing i'm not taking that module. otherwise i'd probably laugh out loud in class all of a sudden when i come across those words. LOL!

brylle said...

i like the associations. it makes it easier to learn... but still quite a distraction :)

Harry said...

3point8: hahaz.. never tot of that.. good one!

blue_racoon: pain in arse?! that's for real!

tw: wth?! like this u also can think of.. my beloved god TW!! lolz..

yi ling: oh oh.. u shud keep this in mind.. might see anywhere around computer.. LOLz..

brylle: LOLz.. distraction? not really la.. i think it'll be wonderful to remember.. so what's ur say?

Teddy said...

wow, i din kno comp language so funny wan.. hehe. where u study IT ah?

edwin sanz said... tis 1 up...he he.
anyway, it's kind of funny terms when i first saw it oso.
No wonder anand didn't teach us.