Monday, November 24, 2008

Bought a new phone, Test the new phone..

I'd mentioned some times ago about the day I lost my precious Nokia N82 mobile phone which was a prize that I wont from iTalentStar on few previous post.. Well, guess what?! I bought a new phone last Friday, and I am telling you that I'm loving it..

Getting supports from my family and friends, I was able to move on even though I lost my previous phone.. It's a history to me already.. and nope.. It's still missing and cannot be found anymore, I think..

Luckily, my father gave me a green light to buy a new handset.. and I was like facing dilemma for buying Nokia N79 or Nokia N82 (my old love) back.. and so I did a bit of research on both phones.. Both of the specifications are similar but Nokia N79 which is a newer model definitely has more new functions compared to the last one, Nokia N82..

After considering for so "long", I ended up buying back my old love last last Friday, 14th November 2008.. My Nokia N82.. However, this time, my phone turned into charcoal and not silver-ish anymore.. asking around for the prices, everyone gave me RM1,700 and above for ORIGINAL set, and RM1,250++ for AP set or some say supplier set.. Difference between ORIGINAL and AP sets is the warranty.. ORIGINAL sets' warranty is given by Nokia Malaysia itself, and AP sets' warranty is given by the supplier/shop themselves.. (Correct me if I am wrong)

The lucky things that happened was there's one of the shopkeeper or promoter gave me a very very fair price for ORIGINAL set.. RM1,580.. I was like "WHOA!".. I really tried to ask a lot of shops at Sg. Wang and BB Plaza, but they gave me the same price as almost every other shops.. To confirm whether it's original or not, I checked everything labeled, IMEI, Zitron stickers on every accessories and phone.. Everything seemed kinda real to me.. So I bought it..

It's quite hard to confirm it is original for me as this is the first time I bought phone by myself.. All this while, parents bought it and they never really purchase original set because we were not aware the vast difference between AP and original set..

To make the story shorter, I tested my new phone's camera on Sg. Wang Plaza event.. Taken few photos at the Gundam related event "BAKUC CHALLENGE 2008"..


So, taken few pictures using the new phone.. and I used Macro mode and Scenery Mode..



Outdated Poster.. Dated year 2007.. Mobile Suit Gundam..


There were tonnes of people looking at those miniature and also people who purchase the miniature set as well..


The miniature not cheap okay?! Most of them are above RM100 and we still have to install it ourselves..


But to my surprise, mostly who purchased it are not teenagers but middle-aged guys and a lot of uncles buying it also.. I guess Gundam had made a breakthrough long before I was born.. Looking at those uncles' faces', it reminded me how happy a kid can be when they were rewarded sweets and candies..

After taking those pictures, I went to Times Square for my favourite Green Tea Frappucino at Starbucks regardless what promotion they are offering..

My favourite Green Tea Frappucino..

The Starbucks barrista was hilarious.. I asked him until what time Starbucks close.. he replied "24hours for today sir, just for you sir since you are a Starbucks fans and even with a Starbucks T-shirt on.." and I was like =.=" so embarrassing..

After sipping at Starbucks, my friends came to find and we went to watch Quarantine..


I recommend all of you go and watch it.. It's not as bad as Cloverfield,even though it is the first man's view.. It looks really thrilling and the plotting was good.. Thumbs up for this movie.. I would rate this movie the most thrilling and best horror movie this year, up-to-date..

To end this post, not to forget, always put a narcissist picture of mine..

My Green Tea Frappucino and my Starbucks T-Shirt..

Sorry for the tiring face, it was a tiring day but, at least, I bought a new phone..


TNH said... new phone..but for that movie..i don't feel that it is a nice one..well..different people got different oppinion

Spectre said...

No............. another blogger fall under GTL! RM100 that's already cheap for Gundam ! XD

Harry said...

TNH: haha.. really ha.. true true.. different people different view..

Spectre: GTL?? wats that.. RM100++ la!!

ahmike said...

fulamak.. finally eh broo ==

just apple said...

lol so no more power ranger there...@@ i didnt go sg wang quite long already..XD

Harry said...

ahmike: yeah.. hahaz... :)

just apple: no power ranger.. hehe.. really ah? nothing much change there also..