Friday, November 7, 2008

Short Post: Unsettled

I've finally cleared all my ass assignments and successfully submitting them to all my lecturers.. It was a busy for last week and this week.. and a lot of things had happened.. Check out this and this and you'll know what I mean by "a lot" of things had happened..

However, things felt quite unsettled yet since the day I lost my beloved mobile phone.. Yes! I couldn't deny that I still can't get over with it.. with what happened to my phone.. but it of course, doesn't hold me back from continue my life.. Everything that happened is not coincidence but inevitable..

I still have a lot of things to update in this blog.. About the Halloween, my life (a bit), and also lately the movie screening that I attended last Tuesday..

Me holding the movie tickets with my "not-so-happy" dear..
(she's gotta kill me if she sees this)

Well, if you wanted to know what happened, you should definitely keep checking here out.. I don't wanna hold you back in my blog for any reason.. There were people saying that I blog for money or to attract more unique visitor which also ended up for money reason.. I blog to let people who cared about me to know what happened to me..

Oh, by the way, I am now looking around for the price of Nokia N82 the original set or the AP set.. I can't find a cheaper price for the original set of RM1800++ but I still havent go for the AP set.. IF you have any "kang tao" (literally means business), do let me know..



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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

one girl cheated haha

Harry said...

crazyfool: haha.. i dont really get u man..