Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nokia Nuffnang Silent Halloween Rocks

After sometimes, Harry, once again, fell asleep again and had another wet weird dream.. Remembering the last time, he dreamt becoming a vampire.. This time, the dream became more realistic and featured more earthlings who became ghost, undead, or even monster..

Everything began with an image of the banner below.. "Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween"..

big logo1

Image of the pumpkin reminds him of his plushy which he fell asleep on last time..  All in a sudden, he got shocked by his own appearance which took in form as a vampire.. This time, it aint like the previous dream..


It's more realistic with larger canines and deadly pal face than the last dream that he had last time..

Along with his appearance, he joined the hollow gathering party.. And he met few of his companion.. Looks like he is not the only one who transformed into an undead..


The skulled captain hook aka RoyalShortness, weird politician, Dr. Blackjack aka Simon and Dr. Evil aka Nicholas Chay, Mummy aka Robb, Joker aka Cojack and Paris Hilton aka Rui, the ancient Egyptian princess, Ying and Yang couple aka baynn-diese, mutated Transformer aka superwilson with short height, and an undead Bruce Lee aka Shaolin tiger which got a little more cute..

Looking at those who had their partners, Harry the vampire also went looking around for someone who can be his compatible partner.. and then.. he found his beloved partner who sat at a corner sobbing about her appearance.. Asking her to join along for the party cherish both of them..


Harry was thinking that this girl will be his perfect match as she had the same color like he had.. and with an interesting outfit.. and the girl's name is Yuni..

And so, as usual, even if Harry is in his dream, he still can't quit his habit of camwhoring..

cojack rui yuni harry

To Harry's surprise, he found PowerNuff Girls at the gathering doing the registration for the hollow beings.. According to some information he got, the PowerNuff Girls were actually from a fine country with the beautiful name called "Singapore"..

powernuff girls

Without any second thought, Harry went to the PowerNuff Girls and got his name and his partner's name registered in the "I'm-So-Dead" list..


Harry threw all his "weird" feeling away and blend perfectly well with all the immortals and hollow beings together... Looking at the Angels and Devils made him wonder where was him at the moment..

angel and devil nuffies

Was him at the hell or heaven?! Harry made an assumption that he got left behind at the earth as he is neither at the hell or heaven..


Looked like Harry had to enter the "Gate of Death" in order to get himself a Hollow-Nanged Gathering Party.. Time flew swiftly.. As the sun was setting.. More and more beings had their name registered in the "I'm-So-Dead" list..

borneo baruk club 

Harry, once again, felt glad that he was not alone.. He had so many hollow beings waiting him to enter the "Borneo Baruk Club" from the other side of the "Gate of Death"..

Without hesitation, Harry entered the gate, without hesitation, hand-in-hand with his partner.. Harry, then, heard that a lot of the undead "Nuffies" were still naked undressed.. and so he peeped at their naked body dresses and try to fit on them..


Unfortunately, all the costume could not fit him well, so he decided to leave the dresses to those Nuffies and proceed to the gathering.. and he met few more ghoul, hollow beings, human..

groupt photo with time

Anonymous Firdauz, Boss Tim, Deadly Swan Bjork, Sharlyn, Harry, Parui Hilton, Diese, Dr. Cheez and Anonymous..

 elvis liang

Harry got all fired up when he saw "Elvis the undead" doing the talk on the stage just like what he did long long time ago.. He brought up the atmosphere and you could actually heard the hollow beings howling loudly..

boss tim

And the event started with the Leader of all hollow beings, Boss Tim aka the dead Kurt Cobain speech.. It was a freaking fast and short speech.. Harry made a guess that the leader tried to let his fellow hollow beings enjoy as much as possible as the time for them to be together is like once a year only in their transformed form..

After the short speech, the whole event started to go chaos with the sweet melody from one of the Indie band which was from the Nokia Independent Artist Club (IAC)..

kaya koks 
Alaling and the Kaya Koks

After those singing.. Elvis brought in another game.. namely.. "search for the listed beings"..

kennysia, nicholas, ringo, kimberly

and so.. Darkened Michael Jackson aka Kenny Sia, Dr. Evil aka Nicholas Chay, Marilyn Monroe aka Ringo, and Succubus aka Kimberly Cun were given this deadly task to hunt down the hollow beings that were listed by the Elvis..

They had to find Jason, Vampire, the Joker, Scream, Hitler, Phantom of Opera and two more forgotten hollow beings.. (Harry was drunk in his dream..)

and so.. the hunt began..

the hunt

and Marilyn Monroe found Harry (the Vampire, of course..)..

find costume event

And so.. Elvis double check with his list for the hunted down beings.. and yes.. Harry was in the list of Vampire too..

What's unbelievable?! These hollow beings actually ate humans' foods.. Well, perhaps, there were some reasons why them, the hollow beings, landed on earth..


After feasting for the dead and undead.. The ghoul and hollow beings were entertained by anothe Indie human hip hop group..

Dose 2.. They did a fair job on the stage and got the whole floor SHAKING!!

After overdose with the musics, the dead and undead beings were gathered once again and were grouped into groups of five.. They were ordered to mummified themselves in order get crowned..


Of course, Harry did not miss the fun... He formed a group together with Sherry, PaRui Hilton, Bernard, and one more anonymous and got rapped wrapped up..

mummified 1

mummified 2

Harry could not really breathe properly while mummified.. grasping for air.. breath in deeply..  and was waiting for people to save him and to unwrap him..

While waiting for people to unwrap him.. There were some other event going on.. BALLOON WAR!!


Basically, they blow job the balloons and burst it again.. and of course, burst someone else's balloon in order to win.. Harry got lucky.. there were two ladies who unwrapped him in the midst of the balloon war.. and finally he can breath again.. Thanks to the ladies..

Here comes the peak of the events.. Silent Halloween will not be named as "Shhhh.. Silent"  if there's no silent dance.. It started with a loud speaker music by Nicky C.. and then everyone went silent and took out their listening device (MP3, Mobile phone, and all type of Pods).. Modernized world.. Even the dark world also owned various gadgets..

Everyone started shaking silently.. It's exactly the dead man dance.. and Harry started doing his deadly dance move with his partner..

dance 1 dance 3

And to Harry's fear.. He saw something which was an instant kill..

unshaved paris hilton
Uh-oh! Looks like Paris Parui Hilton forgot to shave before doing his/her/it's sexy dance move..

Harry enjoyed the dancing very much.. Even though it's a silent dance.. Only those who did not listen to the music will laugh as they did not know what happened to those who dance silently.. Only tipping toe and laughter filled in the environment during the silent move..

After those silent dancing.. Harry got entertained again by another Indie human band group.. D 40 Winks.. They had all instruments with them.. from blowing to hitting, hitting to striking..

last band

Pretty much entertained.. Elvis brought us up to another level.. the Award presenting time..

Nigel - pre event winner 
Nigel the pre-event post winner..

1 dance winner 1 1 dance winner 2
The dancing king and dancing queen.. Best Silent Dancer winner..

The next best thing got Harry laughed and rolled on the floor..

halloween band 
the Halloween band..

Even all those ghoul, dead and undead, and hollow beings also auditioned for an Indie band.. Looks like they did not want to lose to the earthlings.. And so they did.. and the best costume award was presented after that..

1 costume 2 1 costume1
The runner ups.. The Satan (Male category) and Slutty Nurse (Female category)

best costume
The grand costume winner.. Parui Hilton (Female category) and Skulled Captain Hook (Male category)..

Event ended after the award ceremony.. However, Harry found some others with interesting make up too..

slit mouth wrinky jolyn goh
Slit-mouthed lady, scary Freddy with hour glass, the twin dead sisters..

kurt cobain
Two Kurt Cobains.. One undead and another dead..

CelineYap - Mummy copy sherry lust
One-eyed mummy, and Mummy aka Hikaru with the Lustful Goddess aka Sherry

That's not all.. after meeting and all the gathering.. Harry continued dreamt that there was another haunting event, took place in the KL city, by the ghouls and hollow beings..

kl city

This time, the dream was not as sweet as previous occurrence..

The undead tried to scare the earthlings..

haunting road

and even haunted the basement..

haunting basement 

Knowing it's an unpleasant dream.. Harry tried to wake up from this nightmare.. but looks like he can never wake up anymore and trapped in this dreadful world with his partner forever..

yuni harry 

NOTE: The occurrence above are based on true story event dated back at 1st November 2008..  The content may be edited by Harry to enhance the whole events..

After the event, I had lost all the Halloween photos and his 1 month remembrance memory photos with his beloved phone, Nokia N82.. You may check what happened to it at my previous post about my phone.. Therefore, he had to leech and steal the photos from everywhere..

Credits to all those whose photo were stolen by me:

Klubbkidd -
Jolene Lai -
Shaolin Tiger -
Hikaru -
Simon Seow -
Soon Seng -
Jeffro -
Mike Yip -
CoJack -

Also special thanks to everyone who had supported me and urge me to write this post and try my luck.. Who knows I can get another new phone from this post since I lost one..

Thanks to Nuffnang and Nokia for making the event successful..

P.S. : Some anonymous name had been changed and more links had been updated. If you see your face here and unlinked, let me know in comment! Thanks!


KC said...

waseh looks fun, i missed out on it...haih...maybe next year....i can go as a german bratwurst.....

DiEsE said...

this is a really good....
u got much better story-telling skill than me.. XD
rooting for u on the new phone!

Yuchelia said...

Good story line.. And u manage to highlight it even before me reading it.. ^^

Harry said...

kc: it's extremely fun.. I cant imagine u go as a german bratwurst

diese: first off, thanx for ur picture diese.. and nah.. it's just story story.. the real thing is better.. muahahaz

yuchelia: you think so too? hmz.. hehez.. yeapz.. just take 2mins to highlight all things..

electronicfly said...

Bjork, not swan!!!

Anonymous said...


u linked my blog to ROB's blog url..

wat da.......

(yes, is ROB!)

Harry said...

electronicfly: gomene!! updated!!

cojackkoh: Y SO SERIOUS?!! LOLzz.. OMG.. sorry ya.. too many links.. lolz.. updated already.. THANKS!! oh oh.. it's ROBB la..

Calvyn said...

too bad the event are too far away from me :)

mykie said...

Eh. You suit well as a dracula ^___________^

Harry said...

calvyn: yeapz.. too bad.. next time then.. hehe

mykie: lolz?! really?! I shall dress again next time then! lolz..