Sunday, September 14, 2008

Short Post: Finally.. I'm REVIVED!

FInally, I got my STREAMYX stabilized and done.. I AM FEELING GREAT!!

Now i can start abuse my Internet.. So till then.. WAIT FOR MORE SPAM POST!

Oh by the way, wish you all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival..

Remember to see the moon.. See got Chang-Er flew by or not.. If have, dont forget to call me and let me know.. Wanna shoot her down and throw all the politician to the moon to fill in the vacancy..



Anonymous said...

Hooray! hooray! its a holi-holiday
What a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday
Hooray! hooray! its a holi-holiday
Sing a summer song, skip along, holi-holiday
Its a holi-holiday(Boney M)....

finally you've just got yourself the internet you need.....the drought is over.....go and celebrate it.............(pops the party poppers and throw confettis:P)

Tim G.

kid said...

I felt happy for u too! At last, out from the hell pit!!!!!
*Sorry a bit too late to congratulate you..... :(