Monday, September 1, 2008

Short Post: No Internet.. No Updates..

Sorry guys.. *pointing the title* yeapz.. No Internet.. No Updates...

You must be wondering.. "if Harry doesn't have Internet, how does he update this post?!"

Well, simple reason is.. I had been going all around from KFC to McDonald, McDonald to Gloria Jeans Coffee and still moving on..

Seriously, I am still waiting my streamyx to come..


Duh! I need Internet to do assignment also one la..

*sob sob* The scar caused by the Internet line..

P/S: Pray for me to get my Internet line a.s.a.p.


Falcon said...

semangat ah you..go outside to blog..true blogger...anyway hope you get your internet line back soon

galisin88 said...

have will get your internet very will be a long wait....but your patience will be rewarded.

If you are in a dire need of internet............bug TM pays off when persistent.

Tim G.

Chris Thoo said... now we have one less of a hair strand to worry

come back sooon!

Harry said...

falcon: *sob sob* i got blogger's gen in my blood..

Tim.G: ya.. i hope so.. :(

Chris: sei chris.. huehue.. i will haunt u when i got the internet..