Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh.. Mamma MIA!!!

Before going in details what happen during Mamma Mia and after Mamma Mia screening, I'll continue a bit of my story before Mamma Mia!!

After dining at BBQ Chicken, my girlfriend and I went to GSC to meet up Koh Hong Rui aka ruionkoh to get to know each other.. While waiting for Rui, there's a couple came toward our direction and asked, "Do you want to watch movie?! We have 2 extra tickets. Our friends are not joining us to watch the movie." My girlfriend and I was speechless for a moment. I kept telling him it's fine as I got another movie waiting for me. He insisted in giving us the ticket. He tore the 2 tickets from his 5 pieces of tickets and handed over to me.

We were really speechless but to say "Thank you" only cause we did not know how to turn his offer down.. (If you are the guy who gave me the ticket the other day and you dropped by my blog, do greet me ya.. We really appreciate it and thank you very very much).. So, after meeting Rui, I told him about this movie ticket stuffs, then he asked me to go and watch the movie first since it's only 7.30pm and he told me he would inform me when the blogger crowd was there..

After considering about it, I brought my girlfriend to watch "Money No Enough 2" using the tickets given by the couple.. I watched this movie before, but I just wanna let my girlfriend enjoy the show as well.. Even though I watch "Money No Enough 2" before with my parent, I can still really laugh like hell in the cinema.. *How embarrassing!*

Around 8.40pm, I sms-ed Rui and asked him about the condition outside and he told me that I should go down already.. and so I left the cinema hall and go to collect my Mamma Mia! tickets while my girlfriend continue watching the movie..


The crowd was already there busy taking pictures, talking, socializing, laughing, exchanging name cards and etc.

I, then, searched for Rui and was just in time to camwhore a while..

*forgot who again*, me, and Rui

*forgot who again*, me, Colin aka lostasylum, Rui again

After camwhore, then went in the Hall.. Whoa! So many people la.. Just slow few seconds nia already have to sit few rows from the front liao.. (Next time I must be kiasu a bit more liao)

Then I wait, wait and wait for the showtime also wait for my girlfriend to join me from another hall..

Halfway through.. met one lady.. I'd promised her to take a picture with her previously in the Nuffnang chatbox.. and there we go..

Sherry aka sherrymint

Soon after that, girlfriend came in and it's showtime..

**Mamma Mia.. Here I go again.. My my.. How can I resist you?!

bla.. bla.. bla..

It's a nice movie to me.. fill with romance and comedy.. I know I laughed a bit too loud till Rui was saying about it.. Hahaz.. I like musical movie like High School Musical.. That's why I'd said this movie is TERRIFIC!! only that "James Bond" tried a bit too hard to sing..

After movie.. then we went makan somewhere nearby One Utama with Rui and his brother, and Colin with his wife at a Mamak Restaurant called something like "Nasi Kandar" thingy one..

We talked and talked and talked.. talked till past 12am.. then we drove back to our respective home..

The end of MAMMA MIA!!

UPDATES: *mr forgot who again* is actually Mr. Marcus


Anonymous said...

oh got to watch Mamma Mia.....oh...i'm so did you really enjoyed it?

I hope i can watch it sounds interesting...

joshuaongys said...

dat duno who is marcus hahaha

Spectre said...

u lucky henry that koh did not wear that pink thingy costumes XD

KOKahKOK said...

wahsai......KL vs PG...KL ticket so nice ours is just photostat only somemore no badge haih haha

Harry said...

galisin: yeapz... it's really nice to me though... hehe.. tell me how do u feel about it after watching it..

joshuaongys: alrite.. will update it in a while..

spectre: if he do that.. i'll pretend not knowing him.. and also I AM HARRY la~~!! not Henry *sob sob*

kokahkok: haha.. KL ppl privilege.. u go buat complain la..

izzat said...

i watch it at tgv, and when "james bond" start to sing, i say
"james bond pun nyayi..." some people laughing, it funny though.. :D

Ruionkoh said...

yawwwwn din i introduce u to him!where was ur gps!?? duhhhh
wei never credit me for reminding u to take picta wif sherry?LOL

Harry said...

izzat: ya.. his singing kinda uhmz.. terrible.. but he is cool..

ruionkoh: neh.. i was the one who kept looking for sherry.. the only thing is u were the one who pointed out which one is sherry..

Cecilytan said...

i heard Mamma Mia's word long long time ago . But i watch the Mamma Mia Musical during Nu Skin ( M ) Convention 2008 at Genting Highlands,it was a special programme sponsor by Nu Skin. I dont know which country they from , but it really amazing ! why they sponsor the Mamma Mia musical , because they get very good feed back for the Phantom Of the Opera Musical in United State Nu Skin Convention in 2007.When i knew got this movie showing , u guess what i did ? I went buy the Soundtrack...hahaha! very funny , i cant find pirate soundtrack at pasar malam ...means not popular la...then i bought it at CD-Rama ,Popular bookshop, Malaysia got 2 version of Mamma Mia soundtrack, one is cheap range RM23.90 ( without lycris ) , another one is RM 46.90 ( full lycris ) ...of coz i bought the lycris one la...i want learn the songs first before i go in cinema...haha! now,i just back from cinema, can u imagine Penang only GSC, Gurney got showing ?! i been went prangin mall ( only limited time ) , GSC Queensbay also not showing, i was corious ...PG ppl dont know enjoy musical ?
But i had very happy experience in cinema just now , i went with my lovely boy friend only ..but i think 1/4 of the cinema ( cinema 8 , very small auditorium )we sing together during the show...haha! SEE! this is the unique of Music easy can connect each other even we are strange ...I love it ! i will happy if got FREE TICKET haha, but i more appreaciate if can enjot the show with MAMMA MIA musical lover...anyone in penang , can leave me msg here...we can watch it again ! but , dont blame me if i sing there ...haha!

Harry said...

Cecilytan: u know what? u are rite.. it's worth watching it again.. it's really nice.. I watched 3 times LOLzz

Anonymous said...

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