Sunday, September 7, 2008

Short Post: Live Blogging @ Grand Millenium Hotel

Whoa!! I am staying at Grand Millenium Hotel.. (ya ya.. nothing to be surprised of..) but wait.. I am staying at Executive Suite.. (ya ya.. anyone can sleep there as long as you have money..)

Well, seriously, a guy like me.. I came from a Middle type of family.. We ain't rich but we can still fill up our tummy..

This is another prize we got from iTalentStar, but this time, this prize was given for a Voter Contest which my sister won the prize as she was so supportive and asked a lot of her friends to support me and vote for me.. (seriously, thanking her for that)

Ok ok.. just a little bit of introduction about this trip..

Well, of course, I am currently staying with my parent at this Executive Suite.. whoa.. felt like "Home Sweet Home"..

Bah.. since it's short post.. I won't write much about this since I'll blog more about this soon.. (my internet is coming soon.. *I think*)

Here comes the goody..


RM20.00 for one Mineral Water (Evian - 1 litre)

Huehuehue.. Who wants to drink?! Make sure you drink it bit by bit.. it worth more this way..

Bah.. Stay tune for more updates..


Anonymous said...

wow......what an executive you feel so good...

yeah....drink the water little by little.....then maybe it's worth the RM20....

Tim G.

Harry said...

haha. yeapz.. feel good just like NTV7.. literally..

I didnt care about the water.. bought the drink myself from outside.. CHEAPER..

Anonymous said...

any more posts coming ?