Thursday, September 25, 2008

BBQ Chicken in One Utama

Last Monday we had this Mamma Mia Movie Screening for Nuffnang Bloggers @ One Utama GSC. Soon, after class, my girlfriend and I rushed down all the way from Cyberjaya to One Utama to avoid traffic jam at about 4++PM.. We reached there a bit too early which is at about 5pm..

Eventhough we reached there quite early, it did not stop us from waiting for the screening like a stupid fellas. Instead of joining other bloggers at Burger King, we decided to enjoy ourselves at BBQ Chicken - Korea's No.1 Chicken Restaurant..


Well, the ambience and everything there were very very nice.. Well, at least I do think so..


While waiting for our foods, we camwhore a while..

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Then we asked for the menu again to really see what they have.. They don't really have a lot of things in the menu yet.. I guess they are still quite new here anyway.. We then laughed when we saw something funny in the menu..

Jerk BBQ

WHAT THE HELL?! Why JERK?! They did the jerking for the chicken or *clear throat* the chef jerk?! We both were like laughed silently *to avoid the others looking at us like freak*

Ready for dining..

Nevermind about the menu.. The foods there are really nice.. Though it's a bit "westernized", but the taste and everything match perfectly well..

Mushroom soup with Fanta Strawberry *I guess*

The soup tasted really nice eventhough it's a bit concentrated (which actually makes it nice..)

Korean Charbroiled Chicken

Just like what it's stated in the menu.. A must try at BBQ Chicken.. The chicken really is yummy yummy..

Korean Spicy Chicken (or something like that)

At first I thought of Ayam Masak Merah as it looked similar to one.. After I tasted the sauce around it with my tongue.. I can feel the spiciness.. It's really yummy yummy.. CRISPY, CRUNCHY and SPICY!! You must try this!!


After eating .. I am BLOATED!! I thought those portion ain't enough for me.. but in fact, it's just nice for me..

The services there are good.. The only thing that we ain't comfortable enough is the air condition.. It's a bit too hot.. Perhaps few of the aircon is down.. We even asked the waitress to take as picture of both of us.. And they respond in really a friend and polite manner..


All in all.. We like this restaurant and looking forward to dine in there one more time..

For those who would like to find this restaurant, you may find it at LG @ New Wing of One Utama.. Search from the directory and you'll know where..

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pikey said...

oh, the food looks nice, perhaps I can give it a try there...