Sunday, June 29, 2008

Digi RoadShow Event @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

So what happened at Queensbay Mall?! It's not just normal Digi Roadshow..

This time we have few stars (Big and Small) together with us in Queensbay Mall..

As I'd mentioned a little bit about them in previous post, I'll introduce more about FOREVER YOUNG, DAVE CHAI (QUAN NAN BAN JR.), AZIZI (DIGI SUPERSTAR) AND SABAN.. Meanwhile.. Let's see what happened..


While waiting for their showtime our STARS had their lunch together at OLDTOWN RESTAURANT..

After filling up our tummy.. they played at the event ground together with others.. (They are very very friendly ^^v .. )

Dave Chai (the one with cooling kicking post) aiming for goal..

We have Azizi and Samuel from Forever Young tagging with others playing mini FOOTBALL Game..

Sigh.. It's all about FOOTBALL lately.. It's all because of that EURO..

Nevermind about that.. Ofcourse, apart from football related game.. They played some other game as well..

Samuel spinning for luck.. (He's a good spinner)

Apart from stars playing, I, too, was asked to go on stage and played Spiderman, Superman, Batman with other audiences.. (So embarrassing.. Macam I bully kid..)


Anyway, all of them enjoyed themselves pretty well.. How nice to see such vibrant, energetic and talented youngster hanging out together..


Dave started off the show for 1 hour singing LOTSA LOTSA mandarin songs.. Well, that's my buddy.. Support him!!

Apart from Dave Chai, we have..



Forever Young (Alvin, Samuel, Nic, and Jason) performing 2 group songs and a solo from Alvin too.. Fuu-Yohh!! New F4.. FROM MALAYSIA!!


We have Azizi (Digi Superstars) and Saban performing for us too..

Oh gosh.. It's a combo package from all of them.. Not forgeting to mention that they're all very good and talented in singing..

After finish singing, we also rushed down to Johor for other performance already..

Well, there're more to post.. So just keep checking..

I'd some interview session with few of them.. Artist Close-Up that is..


Ju Lin said...

I was there too! Jeez, what time did you go? XD

Harry said...

Haha.. I was there all along with all the singers if u noticed lolz..

Harry said...

oops.. not forgetting to mention.. only there on saturday but not sunday..