Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blogger's Tea Party '08 feat Advertlets


Thanks to for organising such wonderful Blogger's Tea Party at Bangsar Village for the Village Festival '08 Event.. Before reaching this location, it took me an hour to travel from my "kampung" to Bangsar and cost me RM25 to take Taxi-LRT-Taxi.. However, thanks god we managed to reach there on time..

When I first stepped into this event, I saw two kids dancing on the square-box-tile for the performance show..


After taking picture of this two, Josh leaded the way to the party location..


And cam-whoring took place immediately..


I dont know much about who are who yet but I only know Josh and Esther from the left..

And ofcourse, I met a lot of bloggers too.. But I only get to know Uncle Josh, Simon, and Jason only..


Tagging along with me are my girlfriend, Yuni and my close friend, Boon San.. Thanks to both of them for accompany the whole day at the blogger event eventhough they are not really into blogging yet..




Definitely, there are also female bloggers too..

Ju, Krina, and Joanne

Also special thanks to D'lish for sponsoring delicious sandwiches and cupcakes..


Says who only foods are sponsored.. Me too, also sponsored by D'lish..

Beef flavoured..

After attending the tea party.. We went to look around the whole place.. and we found this!!


Hammam.. where we can get FREE Henna Tattoo..

and I got myself a tattoo there..

The lady is good and skillful.. she has been doing this for 5 years..

Together with my friends.. we all had our own tattoo!!

Reported by: Harry from Advertlets

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