Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anything or Whatever Contest?!

Lately, Anything or Whatever is everywhere to be found on the web.. Now we can even buy Anything or Whatever in 7-eleven already..

All this while, when we go to coffee shop or restaurant, we'll say "Anything or Whatever" will do when we were asked what to order..

This time, we can't say Anything or Whatever anytime, anyhow, and anywhere anymore.. The reason is you'll be served for "Anything" or "Whatever" as you asked for it already..
Anyway, there's this contest by Anything or Whatever in collaboration with MSN and TongKee Sdn Bhd..

Below are the details:

Participate in Anything or Whatever MSN Messenger Contest

Join the Anything & Whatever Messenger friends list Get a chance to win: * 2 Grant Prizes Winners of RM499 (Wish List) * 252 packs of Anything or Whatever

Have you ever dreamed of winning ANYTHING & WHATEVER you have always wanted? Now, here is your chance!! Just add the Anything & Whatever MSN Messenger to your contact list, and display the Anything or Whatever picture as your messenger picture and you will get a chance to win Anything & Whatever. You could also stand a chance to win the Grand Prize!! Hurry and join the contest now!!

How to Win
1.Add to your MSN Messenger contact list.
2.Download the Anything or Whatever image and set it as your MSN Messenger Display Picture.
3.Change you MSN Messenger personal message to
4.Every 10th participant to send the exact message "Give me anything or whatever!" to the Anything & Whatever "buddy" during the selected hours will win a FREE pack of Anything or Whatever.
5.The selected hours mentioned above are:
·9am - 11am ( 4 winners )
·3pm - 4pm ( 2 winners )
·8pm - 1am ( 6 winners )
6.Every 150th participant to send the exact message "Give me anything or whatever!" to the Anything whatever "friend" during the selected hours will win one of 2 Grand Prize Winners - RM499 (Wish List).
7.CONTEST DURATION: 4 weeks begins from 5/6/2008 to 2/7/2008.


·2 Grand Prize Winners - RM499 (Wish List)
·Total of 252 daily, selected hour's Winners - 1 pack of each Anything or Whatever.

NOTE: Source from For more information (Terms and Condition), kindly click on the source link.

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