Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Bloody Toe

Been wondering why I was kinda busy lately?!

It all started from this..

My toe
My stupid toe with one little piece of meat coming out from my nail..

It really was a painful experience to go with it and it still is.. Well, I was kinda worry that the bloody little meat will cause some infection to my toe and also irritated by the little meat as I can pull it in and out.. Because of that, I hesitate no more to pay a visit to the hospital and check what I should do about it..

And... this is what happened next!!!

 Day 1
Day 1 (02/06/2008): Pull off the nail and got it bandage like big sausage!

You cant even imagine how terrible it was while pulling off the nail.. The doctor firstly numbed my toe a bit by injecting some "ubat bius", and after that he started to twist my small little meat out.. That was still fine a bit fine.. It really was a bit pain already.. The worst thing next was when he tried to pull off my nail.. He pulled my nail up and down, left to right, shook here and there, and forcefully pull off my nail..

The pain was so irresistible.. However, what terrified me was actually my blood.. My blood stained the doctor's coat.. He said that it was the first time for so many years that he stained his coat for such simple operation.. I guess I sure has a lot of blood in me.. Placing next to me was my pulled off nails.. I felt like taking picture of it but I was too numbed and pained to take the picture..

And from that time onwards, I walked like "kaki tempang".. The pain, of course, get worse when the numb effect gone..

I had to go for dressing (changing my bandage and wash the wound) everyday until last Tuesday..

Day 2 
Day 2 (03/06/2008) : My circumcised nail-less toe

Day 4 
Day 4 (05/06/2008) : Looks like it gone a bit worse when the doctor saw the infection part (to the left - unclear in the photo as it's cover with my blood)

Day 5

Day 5 (06/06/2008) : The doctor tried to clean my wound

 Day 5

Day 5 (06/06/2008) : My blood flows out again when the doctor cleaned the wound.. (It was dried before cleaning >.<")

Day 5

Day 5 (06/06/2008) : My expression (excited and bloody pain) when the doctor cleaned the wound..  My friend took this picture for me.. Well, the expression in that picture shows more like I was smiling forcefully but, in fact, I was holding my breath and biting my teeth hardly to resist the pain..

Day 9 

Day 9 (10/06/2008) : Finally, it got better!! I don't have to trouble myself to skip my classes to go to the clinic to clean my wound.. Most importantly, don't have to suffer the pain while doing the dressing..

Day 14 

Day 14 (15/06/2008) : The wound dried and cracked a bit.. *itchy itchy*.. Felt like scratching it for some times..

Glad that now it gets better.. I hope it'll be full recover (even if without the nail).. My shoes are waiting for me to use them and I am waiting to jump into the swimming pool and swim freely!!



EddiEliane said...

omg..poor harry

Anonymous said...

oh've got an ingrown toenail......good for you to go and have that nail removed....I'll bet that it is your first time that this happen to for me....this is my tenth time that this happens to me and the tenth time i have it operated on to remove that nail.

It is painful liken to being struck with 10,000 needles or 10 volts of electric after the ubat bius(anesthetic)wore off.

oh and nearly fainted due to the pain signal rushed like F1 running into my head and had to take painkillers to slow down the pain signal F1 rush.

at that time mine was chronic and a little worse than your toe and have to be on 3-weeks course of strong antibiotics to completely stop the infection.

but not to worry about that as the nails will grow back(about a month or two,depending on your care of toes.)and you can resume your life for now....don't swim,wrap your affected feet with plastic to prevent it from getting wet,be patient, have faith and most of all,it's time to change your shoe's size to keep your feet cozy and roomy as almost tight shoes can literally cause the relapse again.

wear sandals(or slippers) for the time being to give your operated toe a chance to recover in an open space.

keep it treated and air-dry your uncovered toes(of course,after drying it with a sterile,clean towel or gauze and dabbed with a bit of povidone(betadine))...depends on how many days after the operation( if it is already 3 days-2 weeks)

find out in internet on how you can take care of your operated-toes in the comfort of your own home.just type "ingrown toenail" minus the quotes in the search engine and look for home care tips and methods.

a long post but at least i 've told you about my experience in having these ingrown toenails and two or more tips from me.

God Bless:)
Tim G.

Harry said...

galisin88, thanks for ur concer.. :)

helpful tipz

Anonymous said...

you're welcome:)

hopefully you take care of your nails....oh one more thing....if your affected toe nail has grown fully.....cut your toenails in a straight line across and not too not cut it according to it's shape....otherwise your nail will go ingrown again.

This one above is advised by every doctor and podiatrist(nail specialist) to prevent the nails going ingrown again.

and treat your nails with TLC(tender loving care) to ensure that your nail will grow well risk-free:)

have all the faith....if you are patient treating your toe, it will grow back well and all:)

God bless:)
Tim G

Harry said...

I guess I can use some tips of yours :)

It's really handy and helpful..

thanx a lot dude.. or perhaps u can introduce urself to me too..

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha maybe later....I'm kinda busy with college assignments and preparation with my sem 3 my friendster profile....that's more than enough to tell you about me,myself and i :) unless you are asking something in detail:)

do drop-by my friendster profile and drop me a message...if you are asking in detail....i'll answer you anytime:D

Your New Friend,
Timothy G.
Masterskill College of Nursing and Health, Cheras
1st Year,3rd Sem(soon to enter the 2nd Year)

bloodyhoney28 said...


that looks scary.