Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meet Quan Nan Ban @ Digi Roadshow (Queensbay Mall, Penang)

Yeapz!! I am at Penang right now!! This is the first time I come to Penang..

And wonder what's so special to make me come to Queensbay Mall, Penang?!


Yeapz, they are the reason I came to Penang.. I'll be meeting up with Dave Chai, Azizi, Saban, Alvin and MORE..

They are all talented youngsters from different nations and different stage! Some of them came from Digi Celebriteen '06 and '07, while some others came from Leo Idol '08.. (Not to expose too much.. Check them out from , , or Google search them!


Ofcourse, it's not all about singing in this Digi Roadshow event.. There are MORE!!!


Aiming for goal to win some prizes from Digi?! Come and try it.. Even this kid can do it!


Or getting a Jay Chou Limited Edition Motorolla Phone?! (WhoOpS!! Jay Chou was not around, so instead, we'll have A Lan Chou to promote the phone.. )


Yeapz.. This will be the STARS who will be performing today.. If you are in Penang now, BE SURE TO COME HERE @ Queensbay Mall, Penang, today and tomorrow (28th-29th June '08) to win lotsa lotsa free gifts and to meet all these talented, handsome, and gorgeous stars..



Reported by : Harry aka Krawx

(Sorry, narcist a bit.. I also want to be STAR ma.. ><")


KOKahKOK said...

a lan chou! haha....alan thoo become a lan chou...great!

Harry said...

haha.. well.. he likes it.. :P

Alan Thoo said...

ya yaaaa!!! LAN CHOU COMING!!! :p

Harry said...