Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rissa's Birthday 2008 feat Dao Rae

Late post: It was Rissa's birthday on the 4th June, however, we celebrated her birthday earlier on the 3rd June as that's when everyone is free.

Birthday GAL! RISSA!
Rissa - The birthday gal w/ her present

She rented a car (Perodua Viva) for which RM7 per hour for that night's crazy outing. We went to Dao Rae, a korean BBQ restaurant, Puchong branch..


Review about Dao Rae - Korean BBQ Restaurant:

Food : 3 / 5 stars
Service : 4 / 5 stars
Environment : 4 / 5 stars
Cleanliness : 4.5 / 5 stars
Qty per serving : 2.5 / 5 stars (Not enough for us to eat)
Toilet : 4 / 5 stars
Price : Reasonable

So, conclusion about Dao Rae.. OK LAH!! Nothing much to complain besides the quantity per serving as I EAT A LOT mah.. So let's see what happened..

This is Glenn and Rissa (both from Indonesia).. Taken before food

Opposite both of them would be ME and Yuni.. Also taken before food

So this is how KOREAN BBQ looks like.. only the middle part they BBQ and the rest not BBQ-ed!

I thought Korean BBQ Restaurant is a place for us to BBQ the food except the seasoning are Korean way of seasoning and some others imported food. Who knows that they only BBQ meat in the middle.. and some more.. the worker help us BBQ! I was like "WTH"? I thought BBQ restaurant was suppose to let us enjoy the BBQ process as well..

Perhaps that's how BBQ in Korea.. So.. Didn't blame them much..

The raw meat in the BBQ tray..

.. because of the food quantity so little , we finish it until very clean!!

Before going off.. one group photo.. (The waiter got very bad picture taking skill)

After taking the last picture and clearing off the bill (Sincere thanks to Rissa for her birthday treat), we set off to go to Putrajaya to take some picture.. They specifically want to only take picture at one of the bridge to have some beautiful night scenes picture..

The funniest part of all.. WE GOT LOST!! I just knew that there's so many big bridge at Putrajaya.. As my toe was kinda pain (after the operation in previous post), my girlfriend drove the car and have Rissa them to guide the road.. Amazingly, we'd been driving here and there "blindlessly".. In the end, I offered myself to drive the car while my girlfriend take a look around the surrounding (She's better in remembering the road than me)..

In the end we finally reach there, and of course, took us almost an hour to go there.. For sure, we didn't forget the motive we go there.. CAMWHORE Time!!

8  9

Picture taken before 12am.. (We prepared presents for her without letting her know) and we surprised her with her present and her FAMOUS AMOS Cookie..

After that.. Camwhore again!

This time, we take picture with the birthday girl first..

Me and Rissa

Yuni and Rissa

Rissa and Glenn

Group photo!! CHEESE!! With the birthday girl and her present!

After that, we're bored with the same scene we had behind us.. So, instead, we change our scene to THIS CAR (The rented car)..


3 5

Here's some sexy ones...

8 10

Ofcourse, we took more than this.. Haha.. After camwhoring, we went back and returned the car.. and we called off for the day!


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waa... *maluw* huehuehuehue.. thx for the report! and thx also for all of u guys! huehuehue.. wonderful night! keep posting!