Saturday, December 9, 2006

Praying & Blessing

Many things came into my mind today..
Someone who with a kidney problems talked to me and treasured every moment I gone thru with her.. It is troublesome when someone met disease like that.. She had to do a kidney transplant surgery today.. I didn't know that a gal like her had to go thru problem like this as well.. From her appearance, she looked happy-go-lucky.. I guess she is really a strong gal after all..

When I knew that she had this problem and had to go for the surgery.. I tried my best to entertain her.. And pray.. and bless her hoping her can be strong during her surgery.. She was afraid that she couldnt hear my hosting.. see my face.. and chat with me again.. So.. What I can do is to try all my best to make her happy, fulfill her wish (to play webcam with her and to let her listen to my voice).. I couldnt do much.. but to support her and pray for her..

I really missed her and hoping she will be alright for the surgery and be able to play webcam, chat with me, and listen to my hosting again..

She wrote a message to me after writing to her "I'll Miss You!"..

You know.. a lot of peoples never treasure their life and their time.. Why does people have to do crimes ? Why does people have to waste their time on useless thing? Why does people never treasure everything in front of them?

When chat with her today.. I happened to learn to treasure every moment.. treasure everything.. Eventhough we might not have a perfect life.. We can try to make our life beautiful.. Do the things that we want to do as long as it is right by law..

Live life cool..

bear89, I will always support you!! All the best!! Hope to see you soon..

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bear89 said...

hi krawx...thanks for everything...remember tat,no matter wad happen,i m owes ur true fren...u can bliv in me...krawx,thanks...i really miss the moment we play webcam....thanks...n thanks for ur bless n pray...n wana tell u sth bout fren,fren owes change,but for,once i treat u as fren,u r owes my one will replace ur place in my heart....remember,appreciate ur day...every single day u hav....treat every single day as ur laz day n tat day will b very meaningful...even i m happy-go-lucky gal,but i still will b sad,cos i m stil a normal human...juz tat won cry o sad infront of others...cos i m a happy angel...only noe how to make ppl happy n not make ppl sad...if u r sad,find me...i will b ok for u...n owes b there when u nid me...bearbear really miss krawx...muz take care...u can try sms me after 4 hours...mayb i m out liao...hope 2 c ur sms when i 1st open my eyes...anyway....gtg...take care...happy always...