Friday, December 8, 2006

A gloomy nite..

It is weird for some times that we have to gone thru a day or a nite which is gloomy.. eventually, nothing really happens and nothing really is in the mind but it happened to be that we are feeling not in a mood in doing anything..
It seems like everything you do is terribly wrong and not right at all.. I wonder this happen to everyone or it happens to few individuals only? Does the weather affect us? Does the movement of the moon affect us? I have no single clue about this type of feeling.. It felt so empty in you..
I tried to do all sort of thing.. I host on air.. I chat.. I sms.. I joke.. but couldnt make the situation any better.. I listen to my favourite song which I intentionally tried to throw away the feeling, but the feeling is still there after ur favourite song had passed.. I know.. You must be saying that you can replay the same song all over again.. But if it happened that I replay the same song whole nite.. I will be more gloomy than ever..
I am hoping the next day while I wake up will be a better day.. A day that isnt that gloomy.. I am looking forward for a better tomorrow! When sun rises, I gonna throw all the feeling away.. and move on my life..

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