Thursday, December 14, 2006

Friends Forever

I was worried that I might be bored during this holiday in Brunei.. I am wrong.. I had a great time here..

My worries were gone once I reached Brunei.. I called up my friends soon after I reached Brunei.. They planned for the gathering the next morning.. Though I didnt really meet a lot of friends this time, meeting them really pleased me and satisfied me already.. Meeting my ex-schoolmate from Chung Ching Middle School and friends are my purposes to come to Brunei.. I didnt really come to Brunei for vacation or travelling.. It's more like gathering..

Yesterday we had a Steamboat+BBQ at Seaview Hotel.. I really enjoyed myself there.. I met some of my friends.. Some of them really did changed a lot since our last met.. However, when they saw me, they was like "Yong Hua, you didnt really change at all since our last met"..

Perhaps it is a good thing I didnt change physically.. Perhaps I can maintain my youth look (Trying to convince myself anyway..)

Brunei is a good place for you to relax your mind and to enjoy the silence.. After I came to Brunei, I felt like I really free up my mind and let off the things that were in my mind in Kuching..

I really thanx to both of them for accompanying me during my holiday in Brunei.. Without them, it is meaningless to come to Brunei.. I am sorry that I couldnt manage to take the photo during the Steamboat+BBQ where I was with all my friends there..

However I sincerely wish all of them ALL THE BEST all the time..

Friends Forever..

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