Wednesday, December 20, 2006

In Depth of Brunei

There are a lot of differences between Brunei and Malaysia. You might be shocked when you tour around the whole Brunei..

The first thing that you will be shocked is the road in Brunei. There are so many straight roads in Brunei (not even knowing the junction and so on. Therefore, as you drive in Brunei, you have to be careful along the road for the junctions and a sharp turn. Brunei does not have a lot of roundabout comparing to Miri, Kuching or Kuala Lumpur however there is a lot of "dot" (a so-called small roundabout) functioning as a roundabout.

The second thing that you won't believe is no gate or fence needed for the houses. Thefts in Malaysia are making us worried and we fenced our house and grilled our windows and doors. However in Brunei, They can have pretty and big glassed windows for the whole house without any fence surrounding the whole house. I have to say that Brunei is really a peace country for that.

The third thing is the lifestyle in Brunei nowadays. Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the town (even in a small cafe). That was one of the reason I was able to update my blog in Brunei. However, I have to say that environment after 10pm is boring. Not many cars can be found on the road and also in the cafe (comparing to the Siang Siang Corner here in Kuching). Therefore, if you want to rest your mind and relax, you may choose Brunei as one of your destination for your trip. I can not deny that it is true Brunei is peaceful.

There are so much comparison between Brunei and Malaysia. You should choose Brunei as one of your destination during your holidays and find out the unique of Brunei.

Ofcourse, I have my favourite food there. As one of a Green Tea fans, Green Tea ice-cream is just nice as a dessert. Green Tea ice-cream is available at the Pizza Hut in Brunei and it is can stayed up-side-down when it is cold. (Refer to picture below).

It tasted absolutely nice. High Green Tea.. So Fresh and So Refreshing.. A nice cold ice-cream just nice after a tiring activities..

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