Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Although I am not a christian but I do celebrate christmas with the others.. I used to have cuntdown party for christmas with my friends and family.. However, this year the christmas was a bit different.. I had a dinner at my auntie's house and gathered with my relatives.. After having the dinner, since almost everyone had left the house, we too went back to our own house..

Me with the Christmas Tree!!

Before going back home, my cousin, Maria, gave me a Christmas gift.. I was so desperate and so happy for that Christmas gift.. I didnt expect to receive a gift this year..

That's me and my another cousin, Terrence, with an expression (Smile on the face) extremely happy with present in the hand.. To us.. Christmas is all about sharing happiness and presents!

After coming back home, some of my relatives joined us to continue the christmas celebration.. As usual, teens group (including me) had karaoke session in the karaoke room and the elders' group had their discussion in the living room cum watching NTV7 (Miss Universe 2006)..

Just before 12 o'clock in the morning (before Christmas), I had readied the Christmas song and played it out loudly and even sang together with the song.. I didnt manage to do the countdown for everyone because my handphone's time was 5 minutes delayed.. So it's like.. Having a countdown christmas without a countdown.. However, it satisfied my already as I didnt celebrate the Christmas on my own..

I, hereby, wish everyone a Merry Christmas.. May all your wishes comes true.. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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