Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The beginning..

This will be the beginning point for me to start blogging from time to time.. The content here will be something that is eye-catchy to me.. or something I had gone thru..
Stay close here to know the journey of mine (Journey of Harry)..
It is true that we will lose contact after some times.. but when you see this blog.. You will see how am I going on or what sort of life I had been thru..
We cannot predict futures.. but we do not let futures on hold of us.. We are the one to judge our futures (It's in your hand)..
Well basically.. I'll update you at least once a week (I hope so.. if internet is available..) and hope you will be able to spend some of ur "golden" time dropping by to see a few lines here..

This will be the beginning.. The beginning of blog life!

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