Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back in action

After coming back to Kuching from Brunei on the 15th December 2006 (Friday), it was like so tiring and so home-sweet-home. However, I was back to busy again. Do this and that after coming back. It is one of the obvious reason I couldn't update my blog.

After coming back, not long after that, I set off for another trip again in Kuching. I went to Santubong Beach for 3days 2nights (18th Dec - 20th Dec). It is always fun gathering with friends and play together. I had a great time there in Santubong resort. Although nothing extraordinary happened in trip, I still consider it as a great trip.

After this trip, there are possibilities that we won't have time to play together in such resort and meet each other again stating from next year. As you know, some might study in private colleges, some in Form 6, some might be working and even some study at overseas. Holidays might be different for everyone. That is why I treasured the moment that me and my friends had gone through at the resort.

We watched "One Missed Call 3" together and it turned out to be a comedy movie because of the direct translation of the subtitles from Chinese to Malay. While we were reading the Malay subtitle, we couldn't really understand what it means. One example is "Rumput telefon beras". In fact, "Rumput" and "beras" are girl characters' name in Japanese in the movie. It was supposed to be a scary movie but we regret watching it 'cause it looks more like a comedy movie to us.

Another fun thing was playing "In-Between" with my friend. It's not an ordinary "In-Between" card game. The stack was snacks. We put snacks as our stack because we couldn't finish the snacks that we opened. The one who lose, they eat the number of biscuit they called as stack and the one who win may request the player to eat the biscuit. Oh.. I was so full because of that..

Time passed so fast that we had to return to our own home already. In the packing up bag process, our rooms were so messy and everyone walked here and there to find the things. The reason was we placed our thing everywhere! There are people who forgot to pack this and that when the time we almost check out. I was worried that I might missed out packing my things as well. I search toilets, bed, and tables for my things. It seemed like I didn't miss anything..

The only thing I miss is the moment when friends are playing and gathering together.. I miss y'all...

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