Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The journey begins..

I was gonna update this blog on the day I arrive Brunei.. However, no connectivity is available.. However I am glad that there is connectivity here in the Cafe le..

I departed Kuching at 3.40pm last Sunday.. I am such a forgetful guy.. I did my packing last minute and forget to bring this and that.. I intended to bring my school magazine to let my Brunei friend see and intended to bring watch and swimming set so I can swim here.. If I had packed my bag earlier, things like this never happened..

I sat in AirAsia.. I noticed the difference between AirAsia and MAS.. Though MAS has better services than AirAsia but for local traveller like us do not actually bother about the services.. As long as it's cheap and affordable then that's it.. From Kuching to Miri takes around 45mins only.. Are you thinking of having excellent services for just 45mins and paying multiple of amount that you are paying for AirAsia? Well.. No doubt that you will sure choose cheap and affordable air flight for such short journey..

Taking this picture is really troubling.. I intended to take the front view of the terminal before getting in.. A lady came to me and told me "Sir, you can't use your phone here.. Please use it while you reach the terminal.." and I told her "I am just taking a picture with my phone and not making any phone calls".. She went away mumbling herself.. One funny thing is I still cant get the front view of the terminal cause my phone is really slow to be switched on..

This is one of the view that I like and this PROVED that I reached Miri already.. That's the Miri map..

Yeap.. that's right.. That's the aeroplane that I used to reach Miri..

After reaching Miri, my father and I went back straight to Brunei.. Weather is really cloudy.. The picture above is taken at a bridge before reaching the toll.. It's like shooting high up to the sky..

We got a long que at the immigration before going down to Brunei.. My father and I regretted for not "tapao" kolo mee before going straight to the immigration.. However, we managed to cut a lot of queue at the immigration and were lucky they opened many slot for us to pass the immigration.. One thing that we really is unhappy about is the immigration at Brunei's side.. They are really slow in doing work.. I wonder how come it takes so long just to chop 1 or 2 persons..

Things are going smoothly after reaching Brunei.. I called up my friend and made an appointment soon after reaching the house.. She planned a gathering with some friends and we met each other yesterday at "Jolibee" (a fast food stall just like KFC)..

One thing you will be sure surprised with is that Brunei is really peaceful.. No fence is really needed here. Haha.. Unlike our country, we need fence and grill for our house.. TOO MUCH THEFT!

It came to my mind that I might be bored if I come to Brunei.. It really isn't like what I think.. I am having great time here..

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