Sunday, March 1, 2009

Damai Trip 3D/2N (16-18 Dec 2008) – Part 1

Short note: When I was going to write posts about my trip to Indonesia last December, then I notice my disc which contains all my Indonesia Trip’s pictures is left behind in Kuching.. I guess you guys will have to wait till this coming April for my exotic Indonesia Trip’s posts then.. Stay tune..

I did mentioned in one of my earlier scheduled posts last year, here, that I was going to Damai beach with my friends.. and so I did..


Well, in Kuching, Damai beach is considered as one of the tourist spot even though it’s just a plain beach resort which can be found in many countries.. However, we will beg to differ as Kuchingites when you say it’s normal to have a beach resort like that.. Simple reason is, in Kuching, we don’t have any beach around us and the best and nearest beach would be Damai beach which only take us a 45minutes drive..

Well, if you are going to a beach resort without any companion, it will be dull.. and definitely, I won’t be going to that place alone ‘cause it does seemed scary to stay in a resort alone especially when you are at beach..

*assuming a lot of ghost stories had been told that happened nearby the beach and some even claimed that beach has higher “Yin” (darkness) compared to any other place*

Of course, I’m not saying that Damai beach is haunted.. I’m just making self assumption and I do think the same way to every single beach resort all around the world.. Call me a “chicken”.. Talking about ghost creeps me out but I do like to listen though.. *giggles*

Anyway, let me show you the pictures taken at Damai beach resort (not Damai Puri).. I was told that Damai Puri is another beach resort in Damai.. So, this is just plainly “Damai Beach Resort”..


Okay.. This is the bed! D-uh! Anyway, I forgotten to take pictures around the chalet ‘cause I’m too excited to see the beach..


.. and so we went to the beach..


.. and that’s how the beach resort looks like (not the fellow, of course, behind him).. we stayed at a Chalet but didn’t take any picture of it.. teehee~~


.. and then the beach.. it ain’t a white sandy beach like other beaches but it’s safe to play at there still..


.. and random shot taken around the surrounding.. looks like the weather ain’t that good that time..




.. but, at least, we managed to build a sand “Myvi” before the tide came in..

I’ll do the people introduction later.. let’s see some more pictures first..


.. and the tide came in.. and our “Myvi” became back into a pile of sand again..

Since the tide came in.. we changed our location to the swimming pool.. It’s the end of the year, the monsoon season.. We did not want to risk our lives playing at the beach when the waves were super big..


.. and met another gang of our friends.. what a coincidence..


.. and saw myself in the water.. =.=”


.. and got caught in action in the water..

-- To be continue --

More pictures in coming post..


Kev said...

Hi Harry

Didn't bring your girlfriend along? :)

Well Damai Beach is a beautiful and secluded place. You should bring your girlfriend there too some day and enjoy nature. I believe she'd find it romantic :)

Harry said...

hahhaz.. well.. I did.. but that was after she went to Kuching..

during that time, she wasnt around in Kuching yet.. so I went with my friend.. you went there before?