Monday, March 2, 2009

Damai Trip 3D/2N (16-18 Dec 2008) – Part 2

So.. the second day begun.. For those who didn’t catch the Part 1 of the trip, check it out here..

Well, since it’s a beach resort.. what we did is.. went to the beach to play again.. Hahaz..


This time, we built a mermaid out of the sand.. it’s a tough work, I should say..


.. caught me in action while doing facial for the mermaid..



.. oh my god.. my tummy.. anyway.. those are the other two who did this mermaid project too..



.. and we took jumping shot.. it’s tough..


.. looks like the camera guy got the wrong timing.. which makes us look like “cacated”..



.. after learning the shooting lesson.. we got better shot!!

Well, nothing else to do at the beach.. So we went down to the swimming pool.. AGAIN!!


.. and my gay buddies were all there.. Ok.. they ain’t gay.. Just kidding about it..


.. and we took a picture of a dugong!!


.. two dugongs..

Whee!! All of them like my camera very much.. Who won’t want to take a picture underwater?! Right?!





.. I should say.. it’s hard to get a splendid shot in the water.. the chlorine hurt your eye and the pressure in the water makes you hard to move in the water..

But hey! I got few splendid shot of my own..

PC171406 PC171403

.. I think you saw this picture somewhere don’t you?! In my facebook or in my MSN..

Ok.. enough of the blue blue background + half nude body + gay scenes..

After whole tiring day, we planned to go to Buntal Village for some fresh seafood.. which is also one of the famous place in Kuching for seafood..


I camwhored a bit before getting ready for the seafood hunting..


.. and then we were here.. The Buntal 88 Seafood Centre..

Just to make things clear.. There’s a lot of seafood restaurant in the village.. Make sure you make a right choice.. This one that we picked, the foods are kinda nice..


.. time to introduce the Damai Trip gang as I promised in the previous post that I would.. 

From left to right: Jian Horng, Kok Hua, Khin Whee, Guan Khoon, Me!, Tsu Shin, Irwin

.. and the next day came.. didn’t do much due to the heavy rain.. Like I said.. Monsoon season..


.. and this is how messy a room can be when 7 males are living together.. Luckily only for two nights..

That’s how basically we spent our holiday there.. Relaxation.. and Enjoyment.. How’s yours?!

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